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With Kenzo Nakajima, the former president of StemCell Science

Thesis fabrication case of RIKEN / Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation

I noticed a treatise fabrication fraud other than STAP cells in which Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Yoshiki Sasai and others who were STAP cell groups in physics and chemistry research and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine were involved.​ Two days after the board decided to accuse the police, his 11-year-old American son, like Jamal Khashoggi, was suffocated by Japanese military doctors with a plastic bag on his head. It became a plant human state. After that, Yoshiko Nakajima and the RIKEN Regenerative Medicine Group stalked, and later took over the patent of Alblast USA. Will be damaged. The total damage is 15 billion yen. Later, I will hear from Yoshiki Sasai about the fact that Yoshiko Nakajima and RIKEN were involved in the case of her son, the patent hijacking of Alblast USA, and the trial brought by Chimaki Furusawa. Yoshiki Sasai died at the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, where Yoshiko Nakajima was in a state where she did not know whether she was suicide or homicide due to the STAP cell problem. It's a terrifying world. Currently, my son is dying. Depending on the future condition of his son, it may develop into an international problem. If my son were to become the second Otto Warmbia, it would be a big scandal. Everything written on this homepage is true.

About Stem Cell Science

Representative Director Kenzo Nakajima

Capital 738 million yen

​ Established April 2002

Address 〒650-0047 5-5-2 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Kobe International Business Center Building

“From now on, everything I'm going to talk about is true. Some may be unbelievable, but it's all true. The fact that Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Niwa, and the late Yoshiki Sasai of the stem cell research team of RIKEN, which was the top scientific institution in Japan, was involved has been said to be a big problem. The STAP cell group (Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Niwa, late Yoshiki Sasai) has discovered a fact that is usually not known, that is, a paper forgery fraud executed by the stem cell research team of Science and RIKEN. Another paper-forgery scam that was involved in front of the cell. It's a terrifying world. People who do too miserable things unequivocally and ruthlessly behind the word patient relief. Japan It is a true story of the world of science and medicine.

Since 2008, we have been slandered by nurses at the National Defense Medical College Hospital and Douglas Sipp, a public relations officer at RIKEN. It is a slander by a staff member of the stem cell research team of RIKEN, the highest scientific research institute in Japan. The police don't move either. Meanwhile, "The police will not move. It is time to talk about the damage we suffered with the late Yoshiki Sasai (RIKEN and Yoshiko Nakajima (employee of the Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation, the current Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation, Kobe)). I felt like I was here and decided to talk about everything.

This is all true.

The fact that the reason why Stemcell Science could not be listed was "due to the fraudulent thesis forging by the former management and RIKEN" was that JAFCO, an investment company affiliated with Nomura Securities, attended the board meeting as an observer. I knew all the facts because I was there. (Recording tape available) JAFCO tells shareholders from his own mouth. However, in order to explain the request for the return of the representative seal, it was the first time from the person in charge at the meeting with JAFCO's managing director that there are still many shareholders who do not know the facts. So, I explained using this homepage.

There is a lot of evidence (recording tapes and proof emails) that is true of what I am saying, but of these, I will only disclose the evidence that an American lawyer has told me to disclose. Others will be disclosed in an American trial.


Evidence recording tape

Douglas Sipp of RIKEN and slander

"The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, which has become famous for the STAP cell problem and has been said to be the highest research institute in Japan. Among them, Shinichi Nishikawa and Hitoshi Niwa, who were involved in STAP cells, and the late Sasai, who is said to have committed suicide. Yoshiki et al. Have a history of being involved in a fraud in which three of them were involved in the thesis forgery fraud when they were shareholders and advisors of Stemcell Science before STAP cells and received an investment of 700 million yen. Some shareholders have contacted us to make all of these facts public, so we have disclosed them here.


It may be better to say that they are Shin-ichi Nishikawa and Niki Niwa.

The late Yoshiki Sasai said.

"I knew about the treatise forgery fraud. But you can't do anything about it. Everything is decided by Mr. Nishikawa. So, from then on, I've kept a distance. It's Nishikawa-san's company, and Nishikawa-san coordinates it. Ask Mr. Nishikawa. 』\

Nothing in RIKEN can go against Shin-ichi Nishikawa. I also said.

From the Douglas Sipp of RIKEN, we have been slandered.

For a long time, I didn't know that these slanderous groups were led by Douglas Ship.

I checked with Douglas Ship from the following information and understood everything.

Douglas Sipp also reportedly slandered the children's funds in Japan and Monaco.

As a result, 11 young children died.

Click here for details on the Japanese Children's Fund

Click here for more information on the Monaco Children's Fund

The act like a devil is something that I can hardly think of as a human being who was a public relations officer of RIKEN, the top institution in Japan.

STAP cells solicited research funding, knowing that the treatise was forged. It's a scam. Similarly, Kenzo Nakajima of Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd. and Shin-ichi Nishikawa Group of RIKEN also solicited an investment of 700 million yen while learning about the fabrication of treatises. It's a scam as well.

And among the central figures involved in this scam, there are three people in common. Kenzo Nakajima, the CEO of StemCell Science, said like a habit, "I do everything after asking the RIKEN teachers. (There is evidence mail.) At that time, I was distrustful, but when I saw the STAP cell problem, which is very similar to this Stem Cell Science treatise forgery fraud, "I was addicted to it. We are angry and surprised because many shareholders have contacted us about the facts that our shareholders have thought.

Douglas Sipp of RIKEN was the first to spread the STAP cells forged in this paper in press releases.

"Douglas failed because he used an advertising agency," he told Douglas' group. It seems that he is writing something that I do not understand, but when he searches in English with Shinichi Nishikawa of RIKEN as the boss, "Dag is a public relations of RIKEN, so other than RIKEN His main business is slander related to cell transplantation treatment at companies and research institutes. Formerly a truck driver manager. It is a person who is written as.

Of course, he is a complete amateur who knows nothing about cell transplantation therapy, and if he says, "I'm not an amateur. If you want to say, I don't have a head market value at a level I didn't understand about the fabrication of STAP cells. You have proved that.

Stop acting as a lie specialist anymore.

What did Shin-ichi Nishikawa and Niki Niwa leave behind? Isn't there any excellent technological development?

Use only research expenses, which is a tax, play house and write a false treatise.

Then, he made his child-rearing Douglas slander other companies and people he didn't like, asked the media to give a good speech about his relationship, and asked the newspaper to comment on it. To. (But what kind of technology does Nishikawa have? Only paper fabrication comes to mind.)

Click here for more information on Douglas Sipp

In 2007, the fact of the treatise forgery fraud involving RIKEN, which we had been working hard on, was reborn as STAP cells and became public in this way, and again, these treatises. I am also shocked by the fact that the person involved in the fabrication (Yoshiki Sasai) has died.

Trial of Chimaki Furusawa, a big liar

Click here for the HP that was hacked and replaced by the Turks

The linked video is a video as evidence that the police told the fact that the homepage of an American company, one of the owner's companies, was hijacked by hacking and all the changes were made to the homepage with the following contents. It is a video that I had as.
In the United States, it is said to be an attempted murder or a murder notice.
1. I'll cut your throat. The word flows.
2. Turkish military man
3. Turkish nation flows
4. Red map of Turkey
5. Turkish flag
In such a hack, the homepages of various companies of the owner were hacked and changed to this type of video from January 2008 to 2016.
In the United States, he died as soon as he requested an investigation as a death threat, but I think that the total damage to his husband was about 2 billion yen, but the one who suffered the most was his son. is.
Like this death threat, his son stopped breathing on December 28, 2007, leaving a mark of a red string on his throat.
This homepage is Furusawa and Yoshiko Nakajima Douglas Ship


First, in honor of me and my husband, I would like to talk about the fabrication trial that Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name: Ouz Memet), who was a director of Stem Cell Science, conducted against me and my husband.

Please check the video below first.

This is because the homepages of the owner's company were hacked one after another by the Turks, all the homepages were changed, Turkish soldiers wore what looked like military uniforms, and the Turkish nation? Is a video of a murder notice in Turkish against the backdrop of the Turkish flag and a map of Turkey.

All of these company offices have been closed due to employee fear. Of course, the general public does not speak Turkish, Turkish military personnel, or the Turkish flag.

What's more, the targeted homepages were all companies that Furusawa knew.

In the United States, it disappeared as soon as I made an investigation request as a death threat, but I think that the total damage to my husband was about 2 billion yen, but the one who suffered the most was my son.

Like this death threat, his son stopped breathing on December 28, 2007, leaving a mark of a red string on his throat.

Click here for Turkish video content


During this fabrication trial, Furusawa bought a stake in Stem Cell Science for 1 yen from his owner, JIG. But this is a big lie.

Although Furusawa knew all about this fact, Motohiro Kasahara (AK Law Offices), a group specializing in patent hijacking, hijacked the patent of his master company, Alblast USA, by identity fraud, forged documents, and fraud. Tokoro Lawyer) has sued us as a lawyer.

Click here for details on Chimaki Furusawa, who colluded with Motohiro Kasahara's patent fraud.

At the same time, Furusawa is a director of Stem Cell Science, but <I am not a director. > And gave a false testimony at the trial, and attached a copy of the Stem Cell Science register as proof, which was a horrifyingly dirty thing.

Furusawa explains that the reason I write it as scary is that Kenzo Nakajima has taken over the representative seal because he could not change the director of the registered copy of Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud. I know everything from 1 to 10. Because Kenzo Nakajima did not hand over the representative seal, we were refused to change the stock list, change the representative or director of the register, and even pay the rent, and could not do it. Furusawa, who was a director at that time, knows all about that fact. So, I will sue such a thing in court. After all, I thought it was a different feeling from the Japanese.

It refused the delivery of representative mark here Kenzo Nakajima

Furusawa tried to sell the stock to Furusawa while I and my husband <knowing the forgery of Stem Cell Science's treatise from the beginning. >, But this is also a big lie. Furusawa was a director of Stem Cell Science, so we learned about the forgery of the treatise on December 13, 2007. In addition to the fact, I also attend a board meeting in pursuit of treatise forgery fraud with Kenzo Nakajima and Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

Click here for the board meeting that admitted the thesis forgery fraud

The recording tape below is a recording tape of the extraordinary board meeting on December 24, 2007. The voice of Chimaki Furusawa (Ozu Memet) is included from 58 seconds of this tape.

Click here for evidence that Furusawa attended the board meeting

Furusawa is not a director after 100 steps. Let's say that is the fact.

So who is Ouse Memet, who took office on December 13, 2007, in the confirmation letter written by Mr. Nakahara, who was an Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Stem Cell Science below?

Do you want to say that someone who is not a director was attending the shareholders' meeting on that day?

I'm disappointed. I thought Ouz was a very good boy, so I consulted about the M & A of Stem Cell Science, and even if my husband opposed it or the former CEO of a major company, I said, "Ozu recommends me. Therefore, I would like you to conclude an M & A contract. I asked my husband, but I was really disappointed that he was a child who lied like this and that he sent such a terrifying video.

Click here for Nakahara's document

Furusawa's letter of consent to become a director here

In addition, Furusawa and Motohiro Kasahara, a hijacking fraud lawyer, deceived Furusawa in a trial by forging that his husband's company did not have cell transplantation treatment, but did. I'm saying that. This is the most unforgivable part. Because, in this trial, the court asked whether the owner's company had cell transplantation treatment, and the person who asked us online, the defense university hospital, Nihon University hospital, Kyoto University, It is said that it is the Douglas Sipp, which is said to be a subordinate of Shin-ichi Nishikawa, who was running using a personal computer at RIKEN. I was shocked by this. No wonder, the standard Nikkei Bio paper is Teruhiko Wakayama, a STAP cell, which makes me laugh. Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Niwa, Teruhiko Wakayama, etc., talk about the technology of the master's company, which only gives real treatises to people like professional treatise-making addicts who only forge papers. You don't know how difficult it is.

To tell the truth, the late Yoshiki Sasai said about Yamanashi University, "What a relationship with RIKEN. Almost everything is in a yesman state. I have heard that he was saying something like that. Teruhiko Wakayama, who is enrolled at the University of Yamanashi, said in a conversation with his husband, "I have succeeded in producing STAP cells many times. I made it many times at my university. ". There is also a recording tape. However, his conversation on TV is different, and in fact, Obokata-san did not succeed no matter how many times he tried, so this Wakayama's words were [a lie. 】It means that.

That is, in the trial with Furusawa, the owner's company [does not have cell transplantation therapy technology. Wakayama, who was the owner of the remark used to remind the judge, was actually a big liar man who was calm and openly telling lies.

By the way, on December 28, 2007, two days after Yoshiko Nakajima's threat and four days after the above board meeting, my son's head was suffocated with a plastic bag and made into a plant human state. Reiji Kojima (Pediatrics) of the University Hospital is currently an assistant professor at the University of Yamanashi.

So I can't say it, but it's too coincidental ... It's natural to be suspicious. It is the world of Chimimoryō.

Click here for medical cases of Reiji Kojima (Pediatrics)

Also, Furusawa had no intention of doing a reverse merger in the United States from the beginning. Said in the trial.

It's a big lie. In fact, my husband had decided to do M & A with ACT (Advanced Cell Technology), but the fact that he couldn't do it because of Kenzo Nakajima's treatise fraud was that his company and ACT's Bill Cold It remains in the agreement with Well (then CEO) and numerous emails.

Also, for some reason, this ACT was acquired by A Pharmaceutical, where Yoshiko Nakajima used to work, but A Pharmaceutical probably doesn't know the contents of the contract between her husband and ACT, and in fact, her husband is ACT. I don't even know the fact that I have taken over some important patents in exchange for paying for the patents.

Also, why did A Pharmaceutical have to end up with Bill signing such a contract with his husband? I don't even know the reason.

Everything is in the hands of an American securities lawyer, but the contract between the owner and ACT is introduced by Mizuho Securities' Korean Hanban Lee (former Samsung Chairman's secretary and Mizuho Securities, but later the owner. The project was leaked to a Korean company.) And my husband made a presentation together, so a huge amount of evidence mail remains, so I entrust all of them to an American securities lawyer.

If the technology of ACT is valuable, we will consider proceedings, but unfortunately, the technology of ACT is too old to be desired. Originally, ACT became famous for cloning technology and morula cells, but regarding cloning technology, ACT possesses only analog technology such as garbage, and originally, Morula cells are the technology of the owner's company. is. Immediately after the master told Michael West, introduced Yuri, and taught Lanza the technique of establishing Morula, suddenly the world's first success! It was Lanza of ACT who published the false treatise as, so the master had the right to own ACT. (In fact, the Morula cell treatise appears in the name of Yuri before Lanza's treatise, so it can be proved at any time.

I and my husband don't like to contend with people. In particular, my husband hates conflict so much that he probably has never fought with others. Therefore, until now, I couldn't write the truth. I asked my husband, <What is the slander on this internet? Shareholders of Stem Cell Science USA will be shocked. > Speaking of which, the master says, <Some people are in trouble by making everything public. Even Christ suffered the Passion. >. I'm not Catholic, so <I'm a Buddhist, so I don't know. >, But my son colluded with Yoshiko Nakajima, Douglas Ship, and Shigeru Kinoshita, a remnant of Nishikawa and others (forged documents and identity fraud), and scammed the patent of the owner's company. As a result, he was harassed and abused by Mitsuko Yuzawa, who was the director of Nihon University, who was a subordinate of the lawsuit in the United States. ..

Abuse of Mitsuko Yuzawa is a Shigeru Kinoshita henchman was to be executed son here.

If my husband disagrees, I wanted to make everything public, even if I was divorced. (My husband is still against it.)

Shareholders of Stem Cell Science USA have long said that they would like to know all the details, so we will disclose all of them.

I was told by the police who consulted about the slander on the internet and the death threat to Turkish employees and sons.

<This is terrible. If so, why don't you write the truth and publish it online? >, So we are making everything public.

If everyone in the world can't lie, it's really a wonderful world, and it's much easier to work with each other than to fight, but people still choose to fight and hurt.

It's a stupid and sad act.

Both Douglas Ship and Chimaki Furusawa, who wrote me and my husband's slander on the net, know the fact that my son is bedridden.

Still, the harassment and slanderous nature of many American supporters said, "The person who does this is not American. Douglas Ship is an American. Sue in America. I'm shocked. Unfortunately, unlike Japan, Americans hate people who are slanderous online, knowing that people with disabilities and children are ill.

What's more, the Douglas Ship has a disastrously bad reputation when searched in English!

My previous job was a truck driver manager who has many strong points in the United States! A native translator who knows nothing about cell transplantation!

He is famous as a man who has a bad reputation, including conflicts of interest with Nature and conflicts of interest with RIKEN.

Also, a guy who likes to use Google Earth to remove someone else's house! Stalking! It was also written. (Since it was written in English, there are probably many other victims.)

In the case of Douglas Ship, it is slandered in a huge number of languages (English, Chinese, Latin, Italian, etc.).

It's probably because I've been writing too much towards RIKEN.

Moreover, he is a subordinate of Shin-ichi Nishikawa of Stem Cell Science, and at the same time, he is writing a treatise in collaboration with a professor of a certain university who was a director of Stem Cell Science.

The reason for targeting us seems to be transparent.

Click here for Douglas Ship

It is clear that the following groups are slanderous about me and my husband.

1. Douglas Ship

2, Yoshiko Nakajima

3. Mayumi Iwanashi of National Defense Medical College Hospital

4, Motohiro Kasahara

5. Hiroshi Saito, Nihon University Hospital

6. Bankruptcy trustee of Alblast

What is a treatise forgery scam?

It is said that the fabrication of treatises in the Japanese medical community is carried out in some form with an 80% probability these days.

If the treatises are forged with personal private money, there is no problem at all, but if those research expenses are investment from an investment company or research expenses from the government, it is sensible. Some call it a "treatise forgery scam."

Recently, the fabrication of treatises by professors at the University of Tokyo has become a problem. "Is that professor forged? I'm surprised that famous professors who think that they are making forgery.

Stem Cell Science was listed in England and Australia. The CSO was appointed by professors from well-known universities, and Stem Cell Science in Japan was involved with RIKEN and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine. Everyone knew about the forgery of the treatise and hid it.

Even the Kobe police changed their attitude as soon as they said it was about RIKEN. I was told by a lawyer and tried to accuse him many times, but first, the Criminal Division, who listened to me seriously, called me many times and talked seriously. , Turns into a woman on the right recording tape and turns into an intimidating attitude. "What happened to the former detective? Please submit a complaint. I was told? "There is no such person." Didn't you go to something different? I felt like I didn't want to make an incident at all. There are about 6 recording tapes for this woman, but I always respond with a different name.

"Ah. Really. This was what Yoshiko Nakajima said. <The police will not work for RIKEN. > Is that the case? It's a terrifying world. For them, truth and good and evil are secondary. 』\

I remember being told by a lawyer, but that was exactly the case. 

International affairs
Treatise forgery & patent fraud

​On the right is an organizational chart of a criminal group that I asked Yoshiki Sasai. This is because both National Defense Medical College Hospital and Nihon University Hospital worked to secure and protect their own interests until the trial of Furusawa. You can see that.


*please note*

This homepage was posted by a police detective who filed a complaint against slander on the Internet, saying, "It was Douglas Sipp (a public relations officer of RIKEN) and Yoshiko Nakajima of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation that caused slander on the net. There seems to be no doubt that it is Hiroshi Saito of Nihon University Hospital, but unfortunately, it has already become the statute of limitations for slander. If you write something that doesn't exist, don't blog about what's wrong. There is so much evidence, so publish all the evidence as well. ], And it is open to the public.

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