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The reality of the Douglas Ship
I would like to talk about the actual situation of the Douglas Ship.
Looking at the Douglas Ship, he was just a translator of Nature, and his history can be found in large numbers by searching for his name in English.
Previously, he was a transportation company that carried gravel, etc., and he was a big American truck driver and a manager of truck drivers.
After that, it is written that he was changing jobs.
At the same time, he is a man whose net stalking is like work, and on the net, <a man who is good at stalking using information accessed from Google Maps and special computers. > etc., it is written that you will look it up in English, so please look it up.
You can find out about Douglas Ship, which is the manager of former truck drivers with such anomalies and is famous for stalking, by searching the net in English.
[Quality Through Teamwork I was working for]
In addition, if you search in English, you will find a large number of human articles that have such contents, and the humans who were involved in the fabrication of STAP cell treatises are referred to as "RIKEN Development and Regeneration Science Research Center (CDB)". What exactly is the Yomiuri Shimbun published as "International Cooperation Coordinator"?
As a newspaper company, I can't think of being weak in English.
There should be many people who are familiar with English.
  Still, how about the Yomiuri Shimbun, which ignores the search for the English Douglas Ship and makes only beautiful articles that smoke readers who do not understand English?If you are not tired of the reality of the Douglas Ship, I hope you will be aware of it.
Similarly, what kind of journal / scientific journal is Nature magazine that lets Douglas Ship, who has never done research on stem cells, write a treatise about the pros and cons of stem cells?
No matter how I think about it, I find it strange that a treatise by a man who was a truck driver's manager appears in Nature magazine.
A man who had a part-time job translating Nature magazine was picked up by Shin-ichi Nishikawa (he calls him a boss) of RIKEN, and they (Shin-ichi Nishikawa, the late Yoshiki Sasai, Hitoshi Niwa, etc.) As he said, he was a man who was translating a forged paper into Nature magazine.
Douglas Ship told me earlier.
I said, "You are the one who translated this treatise for children with hMADS cells. 』\
Douglas: That's right. 』\
I "And you didn't feel any unnaturalness in this hMADS cell paper. That's why. It means that only that level understands stem cells. 』\
Douglas: That's right. I'm just translating, so if the boss (Shin-ichi Nishikawa) tells me, I'll post it as it is. 』\
Why does Nature magazine have a man of this level publish a treatise? Isn't it unavoidable to call it a conflict of interest? What level of journal is the journal to be published, and is there no sin in the journal to be published without examining forged papers?
The relationship between Nature magazine and RIKEN that Nakajima talked about
If this continues, one day no one will believe in such a treatise.
As far as I know, there are about 20 forged papers published in Nature magazine.
In it, the technology previously listed as the technology of the owner's affiliated company is mistakenly posted to another company again. There are some mistakes that shouldn't be made.
Click here for other mistakes in Nature magazine
In other words, the level of cell transplantation treatment in Japan is such a level that a man of such a class can be used to make a comment.
Below are some translations.

Douglas Ship disguises as a bioethicist

(The right is an excerpt from the text.) [Dag is often ambiguous when asked about his background. Many reporters claim that he is a "researcher," which means he has a PhD. ]

-Quality Rock Products, Inc. (gravel and other shipping companies)

Education: Is the selection in English? New Jersey State University /: September 2, 1989-May 15, 1999

(Translated below)
【Wow! This is pretty embarrassing! Douglas Ship majors in English. Didn't you speak English?

There is no advanced degree. He has no science education at all. There is no bioethics degree or training.


Douglas Ship looks forward to defaming people's past misfortunes and how they entered stem cells with little direct training or qualifications. For example, he ridicules legitimate Ph.D.s and others about their previous work outside of stem cells as evidence of bad characters. As you can see, the Douglas Ship past is very embarrassing. Where were you before New Jersey State University? why? Did I have to learn English? Clicky! ]


Previous work history

Truck driver manager!

This is his first work site:

Evidence of Douglas's bad personality is evident in his preference for bashing and slanderous cell transplant researchers and businesses. He also likes to run cell transplant researchers and corporate street stalkers using Google Maps. He does not have the right to slander or bash others. After all, his background is a truck driver manager who has nothing to do with cell transplantation treatment or medical treatment.

Currently, he has an item called Specially Appointed Professor of Physiology, School of Medicine.

Does Keio University make him a staff member knowing that he is being told this way online?


The blue text above is the translated content, but for the long text, click below















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