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​Reverse merger with ACT

At that time, the owner was Bill Caldwell, then president of ACT, preparing to proceed with the M & A between Stem Cell Science and Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), a super-famous American company.
ACT is the second most famous company in the world of regenerative medicine after Geron.
My husband has known about ACT since the days of Geron and Michael West, the founder of ACT.
The owner has a memorandum agreement and a partial patent transfer agreement with ACT's Bill Caldwell.
why? For more information on whether it was possible for the owner to conclude such a contract with Bill, please read "The main technology of ACT is the technology from the owner" below.
​​This company is currently purchased by Astellas Pharma of Japan.
At that time, when the story of Stem Cell Science came up, the only way to rebuild this company was to list it in the United States (reverse merger). Ryan seemed to think immediately, and after signing the M & A contract with StemCell Science, he began talking with Bill Cordwell, the president of ACT.
At ACT, there were a lot of big Jewish investment companies in the world, both good and bad, and I needed to convince them, so Bill told me this. I started by negotiating with the major shareholders of ACT.
However, this story flowed when it was discovered that this Stem Cell Science treatise forgery scam was definitely a treatise forgery scam.
Naturally. A very well-known company, ACT, cannot do M & A with a company that has committed a treatise forgery.
However, in February, when the husband called the Kobe police for criminal charges, the police said, "Will it be an incident? (I don't know why it doesn't happen.) ”, We started to negotiate M & A with Advanced Cell Technology Co., Ltd. again with Bill, who was the president at that time. From Bill, "We performed due diligence on the forgery of Stem Cell Science, but since we are a listed company, it is still impossible to do M & A with a company that has clearly committed the forgery of the treatise. Was rejected.
Bill Caldwell's name is very famous in the world of regenerative medicine, and his management ability is incomparable to that of Stem Cell Science's Kenzo Nakajima. According to the building, "This act by Nakajima et al. Is definitely a treatise forgery fraud. The act of making a press release or answering a media interview is planned and unremarkable. It's a story from James, so I'd like to do something about it, but this isn't what the terrifying major shareholders agree with. James shouldn't be involved with such a company either. There are quite a few companies like this, though. They would have listed it as it was if such a treatise fabrication had not been discovered, but maybe there was a story such as a third party accusing it? That's why I thought I'd give it up because it got worse. Wasn't there such a story? Shareholder? Of course, the major shareholders would have known everything. That doesn't matter to them. Shareholders of major investment firms and securities firms want to make a profit, whether it's forging a treatise or not. "They said.
Certainly, it was exactly what Bill said.
In July 2007, a researcher who was actually involved in the fabrication of a treatise at Nice University said, "The treatise is definitely a forged treatise. I received an e-mail accusation saying.
After that, the researcher also published the fact that this treatise was a forgery as a treatise. (Click here for proof email)
It seems that Stemcell Science has been aware of the fabrication since March 2006, but in July 2007, a researcher at the University of Nice called to the government agency to accuse the fabrication of the paper. that's right.
So it was exactly what Bill said.
However, after discussions between the owner and Bill, he was fraudulently forging a treatise. Although direct M & A with Stem Cell Science is not possible, the owner's company, ELIXCELL Inc. After establishing a joint venture with ACT, it was proposed to list this joint venture and then conduct an M & A with Stem Cell Science.
However, it seemed that it would take more than a year for this proposal to be fulfilled, so my husband refused, and instead, I signed an ACT joint venture establishment contract with ELIXCELL (formerly JIG). After that, we signed a contract to introduce the worldwide technology of Exalate, which is owned by ACT, to this joint venture.
There is a document of evidence, but since ACT is a well-known listed company, I have not asked ACT, so I can not disclose it yet, but I would like to disclose it on this HP soon.
To us, "The Ryans have long known that Stem Cell Science was a treatise forgery scam. Therefore, he invested 10 million yen knowing that Stem Cell Science could not be listed. Of course, Chimaki Furusawa, a former director who filed a forgery trial that I don't understand, knows all this fact.
It is natural to know that I am attending and pursuing a board meeting to pursue treatise forgery fraud.
As he knows, he says, "I'm not a board member. "I have never attended a board meeting. ”, And while the master was talking about ACT and reverse merger, it was stopped due to a treatise fabrication case committed by the former management team and the regenerative medicine team of RIKEN. And, even though I know this Chimaki Furusawa, I don't know that my husband had a contract with ACT to establish a joint venture company because there was no help for it. I gave a false testimony.
He knew everything about M & A with ACT because he was a board member. That's why he wanted stocks very strongly.
If anyone knows the fact that they do ACT and M & A (reverse merger), it is natural that they want stocks.
If it was a third party, it was a big M & A so that it became an insider.
However, he is not an insider because he was a director and it is a matter of course to know.
However, after the M & A, even if you want to buy the stock, it will be very expensive, so I want to buy it as soon as possible. That was the story of Chimaki Furusawa, an employee of Nomura Securities.
When I went to talk to Mr. OO, who was the former president of a super-major company, about M & A with StemCell Science, he said, "This company is dangerous, so you shouldn't touch it. I can't agree. "We should do an M & A with Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd. for us who were thinking of refusing once. It was Furusawa who strongly advised. (There is a proof email.)
In this way, while fully understanding the facts of the M & A with Stem Cell Science and the circumstances of the M & A with Stem Cell Science, he said, "Stem Cell Science is a reverse merger. From the beginning, I made them invest knowing that they couldn't do it. I forged the story and filed a trial.
The fabrication trial was a trial for Motohiro Kasahara and the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, who planned to take over the patent of the owner's company, Alblast USA.
Isn't the work done by the board members as a fateful community?
When I learned about the story with ACT, he said, "I really want stocks. ", And when it was discovered that the treatise was forged, he immediately said," I have nothing to do with it. I resigned as a director, and said, "I was deceived. 』And bring a trial.
What if you make a lot of money by doing ACT and M & A as it is? I think it ends with a smile.
Really, "What a dirty animal a human is! " I felt that.
What is an investment? I was awakened to the act of not knowing the fact at all.
In addition to this Furusawa, Stem Cell Science had a shareholder who had invested an amount of 700 million yen, but everyone said, "If there was a treatise forgery fraud, there is no help for it. It is common sense that if you are investing, you may or may not be able to recover. "It said.
Furusawa was not the only one who suffered damage. I, my husband, President G, and directors G and N, new shareholders and old shareholders, were all deceived by Kenzo Nakajima and other former management teams and Shin-ichi Nishikawa of RIKEN. It was.
I was shocked at the act of making a forgery trial to take over Kasahara's patent, saying that only Furusawa was deceived.
The damage suffered by the master for Kenzo Nakajima and others is incomparably greater than that of Furusawa, but the master has never made such a whining.
Far from saying, I was asked by President G about Furusawa's trial, so I was not involved in the trial because of consideration for President G.
We asked Furusawa, who was an employee of Nomura Securities, for due diligence of Stem Cell Science, and believed his words after that, and concluded an M & A with Stem Cell Science.
Nevertheless, I am shocked by the trial that hides that fact.
Why did Furusawa file a forgery trial?
I was shocked when Furusawa refused to sign and seal the representative seal change application form, which is indispensable for M & A with England, which was the last chance of listing, but why do you really do this? , I couldn't understand.
I now know all the reasons.
The reason is that I was tempted by Motohiro Kasahara, RIKEN, and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine. ] Is provided.
After that, unlike me, he has a very gentle personality, and because of his husband's personality, which everyone likes, he seems to be unable to leave Furusawa alone. Even if I propose to exchange it, I refuse. At this time as well, "Why do you refuse? He felt uncomfortable, but at that time he knew that Alblast would go bankrupt and that his patent would be hijacked.
The proof is in his lawyer.
This lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, is a lawyer specializing in patents, so a lawyer who doesn't know the Companies Act said, "I and my husband cheated on Furusawa. Why does this lawyer say such an insane thing when he says? I felt a sense of discomfort.
However, Motohiro Kasahara will change the name of Alblast's patent by misrepresenting his identity. At the same time, Kasahara was written as [a hijacker lawyer specializing in patent fraud] due to the fact that he was inviting all of Kitagawa to file for bankruptcy of Alblast Co., Ltd. at the same time. I could understand everything from what I was doing.
If the content of the complaint filed by Furusawa is true, then what was the contract between the owner and Bill Caldwell, then president of ACT?
Do you want to say it was a dream story?
Furusawa said in this fabrication trial that we "stopped calling Furusawa from December 2007. However, there is no such fact. Click here for details
Usually, fraud is that the deceived person can't get in touch with the deceived person, but from his trial, it's strange that he can't get in touch. Was the one.
On the contrary, Furusawa himself and Furusawa's lawyer may have been involved in Alblast USA's forged bankruptcy filing (with evidence email), and for what purpose did he get involved with us? ?? Even now I'm wondering.
Due to the forged bankruptcy filing of Alblast USA, new shareholders of Stem Cell Science interfered with the exchanged shares by Kasahara, who was a lawyer of Furusawa, in just three weeks. It has been done.
Click here for more information about Alblast USA
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