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Evidence part of the recording tape
How to deal with the violent response of Kobe police officers
Shin-ichi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Niwa, and the late Yoshiki Sasai of RIKEN were involved in the fabrication of STAP cell papers on the recording tape on the right (in the case of smartphones and mobile phones, it is at the bottom). The content is so similar to the Stem Cell Science pattern that I was surprised when I called the police.
At first, I was talking to another male detective on the phone for about 30 minutes, but suddenly the phone was cut off, so this is a recording tape when I called back.
The police officer who answered this call is a woman and her name is Ohara police officer .
I don't know if you ask me, but I don't think I'm a police officer because of the rough way of hearing. I don't think it's a word used by women. Maybe it's a man, but at this time I was surprised and frightened and couldn't confirm.
At this time, I was really shocked. Normally, I was really scared because I wasn't spoken in such words.
All of these miserable treatments and recording tapes my husband and I have received since the Stem Cell Science issue have been shared with American supporters. Everyone is in shock.
If this is the United States, this person will definitely be fired.
In 2008, I called the police several times on the issue of Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud. At first, the police officer was worried and listened to everyone. However, as soon as I gave my name to RIKEN or the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine, the phone was suddenly hung up.
Or, while talking, suddenly the music suddenly becomes inaudible, or like this time, no matter how many times you call, change the day of the week, or spend the day and night, this Ohara police officer There are police officers who speak in the same way as officials, and they do not listen in a threatening way. Actually, I went to the Kobe police twice, but in the end, I said that the evidence I had deposited was lost, the detective in charge was moved, and it was like the Tokorozawa police at the time of my son's case. I am.
Click here for more information about Tokorozawa Police detectives
As such continued, there was a history of giving up the complaint in the end.
As you can see from the recording tape on the right, this police officer's way of speaking is just abnormal.
However, Kobe is not the only way to speak like this.
On the right is the conversation when I called a detective from the Itabashi police to ask for help from my son. (Caution: Bottom for smartphones)
My son is being abused. However, this detective Nishizawa is
"It's common on TV. Hah! 』 , I will not listen to the story in a blurry tone. Before recording, it was even worse.
It is an unusual answer and attitude that almost loses credibility to such police officers.
In the end, this detective Nishizawa said on my phone call the other day, "If you call me any more about Nihon University, you will be killed. I hung up the phone.
Immediately after that, it is a recording tape when I called again.
It's like a threat.
The response of Japanese detectives such as Kobe, Itabashi, and Tokorozawa is miserable.
I don't want to think that this is what it really is.
There are many kind people and people who work hard for the people.
However, there is also the fact that there are bad police officers and departments who have adhesions with various places. I'm sorry.
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