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​E-mail from Furusawa proof that he wanted stocks
Until then, I hadn't talked about the work of my overseas husband, so I knew little about stocks and reverse mergers.
Therefore, when my husband consulted with Stem Cell Science, a former CEO of S, who was a major Japanese company, he said, "Stem Cell Science is dangerous, so don't touch it. "Because there is no technology, I'm not interested in it at all," said Stem Cell Science. I have no intention of introducing a reverse merger. The first thing I consulted with was Furusawa, who was at Nomura Securities.
Regarding the fact that he was at Nomura Securities, when Furusawa was at Nomura Securities, he said, "In the Nomura Securities era, if you don't always have your boss commit suicide, you can't become a first-class securities man. I was told. I remembered that I was talking about it, and I thought that if I was a securities man, Furusawa would be familiar with Japanese companies, I consulted.
Then, Furusawa said, "Miki-san. I investigated the case of Stem Cell Science. It's definitely better to do it. I convinced my disliked husband to do M & A.
As mentioned above, the fact that I don't know much about stocks can be understood by looking at the following email.
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