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​Chimaki Furusawa's letter of consent to become a director

He was a director of Stem Cell Science in this forgery trial that sued us, even though he was a director of Stem Cell Science.

"I am not a board member of Stem Cell Science. I have never attended a board meeting. 』\


I submitted a document to that effect.


A complete lie. It's a lie.


Below is a letter of consent for the appointment of a director that he himself signed.


At the same time, his voice is firmly contained in the recording tapes of the Board of Directors meeting on December 24, 2007 and thereafter.


In this way, I was very shocked by the person named F, who gave a forged testimony at the seat of the trial, about the fact that there is a lot of evidence.



When he first hears that Stem Cell Science may be a reverse merger with the well-known American biotech company Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), let me buy the stock. I asked hard.

It is common for directors to buy shares when they take office.


Therefore, my husband consented.


However, as soon as Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud was discovered, he said that he would like to resign as a director because he would not be held responsible.

Of course, it's a matter of course.

I think that few people want to be a director of such a company.


However, when you first ask F, who was a staff member of Nomura Securities, for advice on Stem Cell Science, you should definitely do an M & A. When

It was F himself who gave such advice.


In that sense, the size of responsibility is completely different from other directors,

I was really surprised at the attitude that the responsibility of self-confidence was put on the shelf and that he wanted to resign as a director immediately.


However, as he was still young, his husband admitted that he would then hide the fact that he was a board member in a trial, destroying Stem Cell Science's last listing opportunity. I never thought it would be.

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