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It all started with the Stem Cell Science Shareholders' Meeting on December 13, 2007.

It all started with an email from StemCell Science's employee Go, who was a member of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation until a few years ago, accusing the new president of StemCell Science.


Treatise fabrication fraud involving organizations such as the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, and these Japanese NIH (National Institutes of Health).

The last few years have been hellish days since I learned this fact.


I wrote it while feeling really dangerous.


"Maybe you commit suicide like Mr. Sasai? May be killed by pretending to be 』\


Is it suicide or homicide? I don't know, but when I look online, there are many things that Sasai's suicide is unnatural.

Given the persecution that my son suffered, everything is connected, as shown in the diagram below.


Many regenerative medicine professors have committed crimes that make people want to distrust not only Stem Cell Science and RIKEN but also the regenerative medicine world itself.


All evidence, including proof emails and recording tapes, has been handed over to American lawyers and the FBI.

If something happens to me or my family, I ask a lot of supporters to publish all the evidence in public.

I also wanted a movie writer, so I handed it over.


I never commit suicide.

If I die due to a suicide or a car accident, please think that they were killed by the above-mentioned people.

In fact, Chimaki Furusawa, a former Nomura Securities employee who sued me and my husband in court, and the above group have hacked me in the following ways: At one point, this video was hacked and replaced on the homepages of most of my husband's companies.


The last seven years have been a truly hellish life since I learned of the case of Stem Cell Science and RIKEN's involvement in the thesis forgery on December 24, 2007.


I was being monitored wherever I was.

Douglas Sipp, a public relations officer of RIKEN, Hiroshi Saito of Nihon University Hospital, and Mayumi Iwanashi of National Defense Medical College Hospital attacked slander on numerous blogs.

In fact, we received a lot of information from some bloggers, and by Douglas Sipp, a public relations officer of RIKEN, and Hiroshi Saito of Nihon University Hospital, slander and obstruction of the owner's company's business partners. There were facts such as slander and slander. I have received the matter in writing.

At the same time, slander by a doctor at his son's hospital, as if he was colluding.

As you can see from the above diagram, everything started with Yoshiko Nakajima of the National Defense Medical College Hospital, and Yoshiko Nakajima, who is the coordinator of this hospital, approached the National Defense Medical College Hospital. , Made his son abuse. Since we received such a confession, we who know all the criminal acts called treatise forgery fraud may be obtrusive and unavoidable.

How scared they are to be accused by informants like this one. It will also be a proof.


In order to be extremely afraid of making their crimes public, we monitor our lives and repeat stalking, and since we are committing fraud, we are fraudulent on the contrary. .. I think he is slanderous.


This is a common act in criminal psychology.


That is, they are afraid of our accusations.


From around January 10, 2008, a blogger with English proficiency living in Kobe and Hyogo started writing a blog of slander on the Internet on the Yahoo blog etc., and he was slandered every time his husband started a job. I have come.


English fluent for my husband's overseas work people? In some cases, I made a phone call and threatened to quit my job with my husband by e-mail or phone.

When I called from Japan, I didn't say my name, but I said, "It was like a foreigner in English. ", Everyone said.


Also, to the professor whom my husband is intimate with, "Don't work with Ryan." I received an e-mail and a fax.

It's also a stalking act of sending a large number of faxes and emails to multiple hospitals.

The owner held the rights to RGI, the exclusive agency in Asia for a world-renowned facility for fertility research in Chicago.

The homepage of this master's RGI was hijacked by a hacker with a Turkish IP address and all rewritten, and although it was the homepage of a fertility treatment facility, the Turkish flag and pictures of Turkish soldiers appeared, along with the Turkish national anthem,


"I'll tear your neck and let it shed blood. 』\


I was hijacked by a homepage where the voice was flowing.

(The video at this time has already been recorded on Youtube.)


Click here for the contents of the video at that time .

In fact, here is the homepage of my son who was cut off in this video


(When I consulted with the police, I was told to save this hijacked homepage, so I saved it.)


This hijacked fact is a "terrorist?" From Google. So what? And "I will shut down the homepage because of the content like a terrorist." I first learned about a phone call from Google that said.


I was scared to see this video.

My spine was frozen in the content that seems to have been made only by a mentally ill person.


Indeed, we had an acquaintance of Turkish nationality.

Mr. Ozu Memet (Chimaki Furusawa), who holds Turkish nationality and was a director of Stem Cell Science.


However, he turned over to the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and said, "I was deceived by my husband. I'm not a director. Ryan knew that Stem Cell Science was a company that had been making treatises for some time. Ryan has no technology for stem cell transplantation treatment for diabetes or heart disease. It's a scam. I filed a forgery trial with no meaning and no evidence.


For some reason, this trial was held at the same time as Alblast's bankruptcy filing.

What's more, the same, patent lawyer, a connection that can be seen through the meaning.

It was as if the trial was held at the same time as the bankruptcy filing because the husband had to be a bad guy.


It was easy to prove that this trial was a random counterfeit trial to defeat the master.


This is because we had a recording tape of the extraordinary board meeting held at the ANA Intercontinental Hotel on December 24, 2007, and Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara, who was an auditor and was acknowledging the treatise forgery fraud, was acknowledging the treatise forgery fraud. This is because the recording tape at the time of admitting is posted on Youtube together with the English translation.


At this extraordinary board meeting, of course, Ozmemet (Chimaki Furusawa) attended as a director and pursued Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara and Kenzo Nakajima with us. Its contents have been recorded. Despite attending together to pursue a treatise forgery scam, in the trial that sued us, we were aware of the treatise forgery scam from around October. I sold the stock, knowing that it was a company that could not be listed. ≫ I had a random fabrication trial.


Moreover, while attending the board meeting on December 24th as a board member, he said, "I am not a board member. I have a personality that allows me to lie calmly at the trial.


When I think about it, I remember that he was a former Nomura Securities employee and was close to an employee of JAFCO, a major shareholder who made statements that seemed to know all of Stem Cell Science's treatise fabrication.


In that sense, everything may have been planned from the beginning.

He had a reason to think so.


For what did he bring the case?


To find out, you need to look at his lawyer.


Why is this lawyer of Ouzu Memet (Chimaki Furusawa)? It was Kasahara, a lawyer who helped Alblast's bankruptcy filing and Alblast USA's patent forgery and exercise at the time of the decision. (The FBI in the United States says that Kasahara may also be an accomplice.)


It was a trial of Oz Memet (Chimaki Furusawa) against my husband and I, who were in a visible state of the tea ceremony, but why was this official document forged patent after that? From the fact that it is flowing to the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, the shadow of the remnants of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and Stem Cell Science Co., Ltd. was also visible here.


What's more, what does this Turkish flag / Turkish military photograph mean?


For what, "I'll tear your neck and let it shed blood. Do I have to say something scary like that?


However, in fact, on December 28, 2007, his son had an incomprehensible string mark on his neck and said, "I think it was when I put a plastic bag on my head. The trace of the string, which is difficult to understand with the unclear words of the attending physician, is as if the neck was squeezed by something. So maybe you stopped breathing? After that, my son was actually cut off his throat and put on a (surgery) ventilator.

Was everything a planned crime? The act that my son did was, "I'll tear your neck and shed blood. It is very similar to the act of.


I was scared and went to the police, but said, "I can't investigate because it's an overseas IP address. ], Did not move.

In addition to this video, "Your son bleeds from his throat" in the mailbox. Sometimes there was a piece of paper with the English word written on it.

Only Furusawa and a few people knew about his son's medical condition.

Yoshiko Nakajima and Chimaki Furusawa, who wrote about medical accidents by e-mail, and Douglas Ship and Hiroshi Saito also knew the fact that their son was hospitalized.

Knowingly, Furusawa filed an incomprehensible trial called a fabrication trial.

I knew well that the treatments I had received over the last seven years were so unusual that they were not normal nerve owners.


This year, the late Mr. Sasai is a rope in the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation? When I heard the news that I had committed suicide using, there was a loud reaction on the net about the mysterious cause of death.


Mr. Sasai's suicide in the STAP cell case and the actions against us that seem to be abnormal, that is, the crimes of forgery of papers and forgery and exercise of official documents committed by them, are actually crimes of a very large organization. It tells the fact that it is.


The police, the ward office, the city office, the child guidance center, and even the media, no Japanese worked.


Far from not moving, was the child guidance center deceived by the National Defense Medical College Hospital? There was even evidence that he, along with the National Defense Medical College Hospital, tried to make his husband the culprit who caused his son to become a plant human.

There is a recording tape about this when I called a child guidance center person home and pursued it.

It's a scary story.

What exactly are they?

The Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine, RIKEN, National Defense Medical College Hospital, Child Guidance Center, and the Education Division of the city have all come together to attack us.

The victim was his son.

As you can see in this video, my son, who had a plastic bag on his head and left a red string on his neck, then had surgery to cut his throat.

I also found that a very large organization is moving in this way.

Kenzo Nakajima of StemCell Science Co., Ltd. << I am hired and president. I can understand the meaning of the word ≫ more than enough now.

However, the act of the police losing evidence or not telling me to contact me in the face of such an incident was more unusual than I had ever experienced.

I have never seen a police officer in such a state.

The fact that neither the Kobe police nor the Tokorozawa police moved at all was really hopeless.

The police officer told me in the elevator. "I couldn't say it in the previous room, but the other party is too big. It's dangerous, so don't get involved. I can't tell you any more. No matter how much you go to the police, there are circumstances where you can't investigate. Please be aware that. I said.

In this word, Yoshiko Nakajima said, "The police will not move. I felt that I could understand the meaning of.

However, that does not mean that the son, who is said to be "the most abused child in the hospital in developed countries," cannot fall asleep as it is.

Neither the court nor the police move.

Is there a true judiciary in Japan like this?

I was told by a journalist.

"If it's a crime related to RIKEN or the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, will it be erased by using the media and made irresistible? 』\

Regarding STAP cells, it is as if the late Yoshiki Sasai committed a crime alone, but considering the situation at the time of Stem Cell Science, it seems that Mr. Sasai's plan can do so far. not.

It is said that Nishikawa and Niwa were the most involved in the Stem Cell Science treatise forgery fraud.

This is a story I heard from the late Yoshiki Sasai, but when I asked him if he knew of Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery scam, he said.

"Of course I knew. That's why I tried not to get involved early on. Ask Mr. Nishikawa. Nishikawa knows everything. (I don't know if this story was true, but I didn't feel like I was lying.)


Regarding STAP cells, Teruhiko Wakayama responded to his husband's phone call << STAP cells have been successful at RIKEN, and STAP cells have also been successful at universities. ≫ I'm telling a lie.


Who is lying and who is the planned offense?


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