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Forgery proof email

The email on the right is from Mr. Go, who was a senior researcher at Stem Cell Science.

The title says Whistleblower.

The date and time of transmission is July 5, 2007, but as Mr. Sato wrote in this email, this fabrication has been grasped by executives at Stemcell Science since March 2006. It was there, and Mr. Sato was also forged many times. It seems that he said.

But they hid that fact and solicited investment.

At the same time, this fact was hidden in the owner's company, JIG.

I paid 5 million yen, 15 million yen, and 9 million yen while being hidden.

If I knew the facts of this treatise forgery, of course, I would never do M & A and I wouldn't pay.

Indeed, Nakajima et al. Were also fraudulent against JIG.


They also seemed to have embezzlement.

It is written in an email written by Nakajima to the new representative and the role of Mari Roshi.

This fact wasn't only known to Stem Cell Science executives, but as you can see in this email, "I'm writing to both Tim and Peter. Peter, who was the CEO of Stem Cell Science in Australia, and Tim, who was co-creating the International Stem Cell Society in collaboration with RIKEN Shin-ichi Nishikawa and Douglas Sipp, Knowing the facts of the thesis forgery fraud, I pretended not to look at it. Evidence is written.

It is an international stem cell society at a tremendous level.

This Stem Cell Society is a society where Douglas Ship, a child-rearing child of Shin-ichi Nishikawa, who is a former truck driver manager and does not know anything about stem cells, is a member of the ethics committee. It contains people who were involved in fraud and who routinely forged papers.

It is a low-level academic society.

As Mr. Sato, who wrote the above email, wrote, the researchers have been working for over a year.

He told the executives of Stem Cell Science about the fabrication of the treatise.

The evidence is also included in the recording tape of Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara.


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