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If it says "International Stem Cell Society (ISSCR)", I think it is a world-famous society. However, at the level of this society, if you look at the members of the board of directors, you can immediately see that there are an unusually large number of Japanese people. Of the 17 directors, there are four. Moreover, of the 17 members, Timothy Allsopp, Consilium Bio Ltd., UK is one of the groups who knew and concealed the fact of the treatise forgery fraud of Stem Cell Science, and also Japanese Masayo Takahashi. Together with his husband, Atsushi Takahashi, Stem Cell Science was involved in Stem Cell Science as a group of the late Yoshiki Sasai when he was committing a treatise forgery.
When I called the late Yoshiki Sasai, he said to Atsushi Takahashi, "Don't get involved from here. I withdrew from Stem Cell Science. It said.
Timothy Allsopp's Involvement in Treatise Forgery Scams ​​
If you search for other overseas professors online, you will find a lot of fabrication relationships.
This society is a class society of that level.
Overseas, there are academic societies that discover the fabrication of treatises.
The chairman here is a friend of his husband, but he
"It's really scary. 70% -80% of stem cell-related treatises are forged somewhere. It is an unthinkable world to be a professor with this. 』\
In the world of stem cell transplantation, it is difficult to find out the papers. There are a lot of people who have scratches on their shins. That is.
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