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Evidence recording tape

Furusawa attends board of directors

The recording tape on the right is a recording tape of the extraordinary board meeting on December 24, 2007. The voice of Chimaki Furusawa (Ozu Memet) is included from 58 seconds of this tape.
For more information on the recording tape of the day, please check the recording tape board meeting.
Recording tape
Chimaki Furusawa signed a letter of consent to become a director, and while officially assuming the post of director at the general meeting of shareholders on December 13, 2007, in a trial in which he and his husband were sued, <I have not been appointed as a director. .. > I made a false statement. So far, there is a lot of evidence and approval (shareholders such as JAFCO and Softbank Investments), but why did you still have to make a false statement? What is it? What is the reason why I had to sue my husband even if I lied like this?
Douglas Sipp of RIKEN, Kyoto University, and National Defense Medical College Hospital, which gained momentum in the wake of this trial, slandered me and my husband! Around the same time, a patent takeover fraud executed by the same lawyer (Kasahara Motohiro) and Alblast's bankruptcy filing were filed. The world of cell transplantation therapy in the world of Chimimoryō.
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