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Douglas's treatise is worthless. Conflict of interest with Nature magazine!

There is absolutely no credibility in the treatises Douglas writes.

Why is Nature Magazine and Keio University? Do you have Douglas with such a treatise? No wonder.

Why Douglas's treatise is worthless!

1. The previous job before the translator of Nature was a person who has nothing to do with stem cells or science, such as a truck driver or a truck driver manager, and has no knowledge or academic background regarding stem cells or science.

2. Knowledge of stem cells is at the level I knew when I was translating Nature, and it is not worth writing a treatise on stem cells for such a person.

3. I translated the paper on hmaZ cells from Stem Cell Science, knowing that it was a forgery.

4. I knew about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud.

5. I knew the forgery of STAP cells.

6. Why did my eldest son suffocate with a plastic bag on his head at the National Defense Medical College Hospital? I knew.

7. Twelve days after my son became a plant human, I had an internet blogger write down the slander of me and my husband in collaboration with the National Defense Medical College Hospital.

As mentioned above, regarding Douglas Ship, the fact that he was translating while knowing many other treatise forgery scams and the fact that Nature published a treatise is a famous story.

That is, neither the treatises he translates nor the treatises he is involved in are of value. The stem cell group at RIKEN has done something that can't be helped.

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