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Evidence of embezzlement and fraud by Kenzo Nakajima
The email on the right is about the email sent by Kenzo Nakajima to the new president of StemCell Science.
I have to pay 50,000 euros to my husband's company, JIG, to a company called Celeceregos, so I would like you to make a deposit. I went. But in reality, this Seregos is a shell company and has already been deposited long ago? is what they said. He asked JIG to pay for it. It's a scam.
Then, when I pursued the fraud, I used the deposit received from Stem Cell Science of Australia for other unrelated content, so I felt that it would be embezzlement in business, or it will be a proof email that I have corrected.
But in the end, € 45,000 had already been paid. Therefore, it means that he has scammed JIG, the company of the owner who paid.
The fraud has been proven. I am writing.
And the appearance of such Nakajima,
"Play with the plan, lie, and go deeper. You've become a poor person. 』\
Is saying.
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