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RIKEN Douglas Sipp et al.

There is an American named Douglas Sipp in the public relations of RIKEN. (Preparing for trial in the United States)
He is a man who started slander of me and my husband in collaboration with the National Defense Medical College Hospital team in January 2008.
This slander began when I accused the police of a treatise forgery fraud by RIKEN and Stem Cell Science. 13 days later, when I called Shin-ichi Nishikawa, (the late) Yoshiki Sasai, and Hitoshi Niwa of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, and at the same time, my son was covered with vinyl on his head and stopped breathing at the Defense University Hospital. It was the 11th day.
Who was the person who slandered? It was from multiple sources of information that I realized that.
There are many good people in the world who provide information.
Thank you.
Of course, I don't believe in providing information about people who don't know who they are.
However, the words of the two informants contained a number of facts that only I and Douglas Ship knew.
I have spoken to Douglas Ship several times on the phone.
By saying that it was Shin-ichi Nishikawa's agent, Douglas Ship said, "I can't answer any questions about treatise forgery fraud. I have called.
At that time, I had an argument with the Douglas Ship.
Only the Dafras Ship knows the content of the argument at this time.
(Late) Yoshiki Sasai
"I have no responsibility. I told you to stop. Nishikawa decides everything. 』\
Therefore, it is natural that Shin-ichi Nishikawa is responsible.
I pretend I don't know it with a face like a third person.
Same as for STAP cells.
After that, Douglas Ship wrote a slanderous defamation about his husband's cell transplant treatment company in Nature magazine, which was contrary to the facts, so I called him.
Of course, only I and Douglas Ship know the contents at that time.
Douglas Ship himself said, "I was slandered, because they are in the net slander. It's like saying.
At the same time, in the English newspaper The Guardian, Douglas Ship uses his acquaintances to slander.
Does Nature magazine know that you are doing this using the connections you had when you were translating in Nature magazine?
All of these were also carried out by being told by Shin-ichi Nishikawa. "Douglas Ship says.
Up to this point, of course, it's a crime.
It is proof that I hated me, my husband, and my husband's company so much.
In other words, there was intention (hate). It will be said.
It's a perfect crime.
Do the RIKEN and Keio University Hospitals where Douglas Sipp worked know this fact?
Douglas Ship said with a tense laugh.
"From RIKEN, it doesn't matter how much it costs to crush you, so kill them. Is said to be. I've just been faithful to what was said. 』\
RIKEN is made up of national money.
That means we have used national money to slander us. Does that mean?
Of course, I don't think the country thinks the expense is being spent on such things.
Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, Douglas Sipp of RIKEN, and the National Defense Medical College Hospital who abused their son.
In this Japan, there are devilish people who can carry out murderous and horrific acts that we do not know. That is to say.
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