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Recording Tape Auditor Nakahara's Conversation
The recording tape on the right is a conversation with Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara on December 22, 2007.
Among them, Nakahara
"If you give up, it will be difficult for investors to gather, so (publication of the treatise forgery fraud) was pending. It is to say. 』\
I confess.
Just to make an investment, he bought cells from Australia (meaningless), made various reasons, and collected investment, knowing that the treatise was forged and the cells did not work. I also confess later.
The treatise forgery fraud by Kenzo Nakajima et al. Was discovered on December 13, but we were surprised to call an extraordinary board meeting in a hurry.
At this time, I explained to the other side of the American reverse merger about the treatise forgery fraud, "What should I explain? I was worried and anxious, so I called the Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara and asked if he knew the facts, but in reality, I was surprised that Nakahara knew everything. I remember that. At that time, I was wondering how to ask the parties about these questions, and I remember that I couldn't really ask them.
"You may write a plan in the business plan. Nakahara says like this.
Of course, that's right. But that's when you don't know that the technology is a forgery of a treatise. It is, of course, a crime to write a business plan for a clinical trial or IPO and raise an investment, knowing that the treatise or patent is a forgery.
At that time, Kenzo Nakajima and his colleagues knew from researchers at Nice University that the treatise was a forgery for more than a year. While knowing that, I concealed that fact, and in 2007, I received an email from a researcher at the University of Nice, and in August, knowing that it was completely forged, I am soliciting investment.
Nakajima et al. Have been fraudulent, hiding the fact that the treatise was forged from the owner's company.
Of course, employees, advisors and auditors knew everything.
It is a treatise forgery scam because I knew it and hid it.
Email from Nice University
Moreover, Nakajima is not only a treatise forgery scam, but also some other scams.
For example, in this tape, I visited a company called Seregos. Why? As for visiting, my husband has to pay the license contract fee of Seregos from Kenzo Nakajima at this time, so I would like you to make money. Mr. A, who was newly appointed as a director, said, "There seems to be something unnatural about payment to Seregos. You should look it up. I was looking into it. As a result, it was discovered that Kenzo Nakajima had paid Stem Cell Science in Australia in the same way, and that he had used the paid money elsewhere.
What's more, in reality, I found out that I don't have to pay because the license agreement with Seregos has already expired.
In other words, Kenzo Nakajima tried to scam against his husband's company, JIG. When it came to that, Mr. G, who became the new president, told me in detail by e-mail.
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