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RIKEN public relations Douglas Sipp's slander
A man who was a public relations officer for RIKEN called Douglas Sipp
Slander to Douglas Ship's Children's Fund
There are really bad people in the world.
Among them, I think the worst is the person who can slander the content that affects the life of the child.
By doing this type of slander, albeit indirectly, "children may be at risk of dying. ], People who slander while knowing.
The unthinkable fact of slander against the unprecedented children's fund in the world!
In a peaceful country called Japan, no one can do such a thing. I thought, but unfortunately it existed.
He is a staff member in charge of Douglas Sipp of RIKEN and the National Defense Medical College Hospital.
The staff of this huge organization group did not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of 11 young children to slander me and my husband. I think the fact is so scary that you get goose bumps.
Douglas Sipp is not a Japanese national, but if you find out that Douglas Sipp has done this to your children abroad, you will feel like a terrorist abroad.
It's even worse if you're hired for money.
"I sold my soul to money. 』\
I will say.
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About Douglas Sipp
There is a public relations staff member called Douglas Sipp at RIKEN.
In the Japanese career, it is written as follows.
Graduated from the University of New Jersey, USA. Worked at RIKEN since 2002 after working as a marketing manager for Nature Japan. Since 2004, he has been the director of the International Public Relations Office (concurrently serving as a unit leader from 2009 to the end of March 2014), and has been in his current position since October 2014. He has served as the International Chairman of the International Stem Cell Society (ISSCR). Specializes in global regenerative medicine policy and bioethics. In particular, he is familiar with stem cell administration / regenerative medicine and stem cell tourism whose effectiveness is unknown.

And, one case, the contents that are also experts in stem cells are lined up.
At the same time, the career is written only in words that make you feel like a beautiful career.
However, if you search in detail on the net, you will find different contents.
However, if you search in English, is it a man with a background? "It is a conflict of interest to bash other stem cell companies, organizations and universities while filing a stem cell patent yourself. For example, RIKEN will let Douglas Sipp publicize the forgery of full-scale and malicious treatises such as STAP cells, and will bash other companies and laboratories without bashing their own forgery. I admit that. "These are completely unethical stories and are conflicts of interest at RIKEN. If you search for words like ", you will find many.
Also, if you search for Douglas Sipp in Japanese, you will find an article in the Yomiuri Shimbun entitled "Regenerative medicine that starts moving on November 6, 2014 (7) Be wary of" cheating "... Mr. Douglas Sipp."
Knowing the forgery of the STAP cell problem, the first thing I said was, "It's a wonderful technology. The crime of advertising was great, that is, Nature proved that the treatise was silica sanded without knowing the credibility of the treatise, and at the same time, this Douglas Ship was actually a treatise in the world of stem cells. I can only understand it so much that I can't read it. It is a proof that there is only the same level as you want to know.
The Yomiuri used Douglas's article, which seemed to be a liability issue for the STAP cells. I was the only one who was shocked by the fact that.
Now let's get back to the Douglas Ship career story.
Upon closer inspection, this man was just a translator of Nature, and his history can be found in large numbers by searching for his name in English.
Previously, he was a transportation company that carried gravel, etc., and he was the manager of a large American truck driver who was a rough man.
After that, it is written that he was changing jobs.
At the same time, he is a man whose stalking behavior is like work, and who is good at stalking using information accessed from Google Maps and special computers. It is written that you will look it up in English, so please look it up.
The career written on the net is as follows.
If you search in English, you will find a large number of human articles that have such contents. Moreover, the humans involved in the fabrication of STAP cell treatises are referred to as "RIKEN Center for Developmental and Regenerative Sciences (CDB) International Collaboration." What exactly is the Yomiuri Shimbun that will be published as a "coordinator"?
As a newspaper company, I can't think of being weak in English.
There should be many people who are familiar with English.
Still, how about the Yomiuri Shimbun, which ignores English searches and only mentions beautiful things?
Below are some translations.

Douglas Ship disguises as a bioethicist

Doug is often ambiguous when asked about his background. Many reporters claim that he is a "researcher," which means he has a PhD.

-Quality Rock Products, Inc. (gravel and other shipping companies)

Education: Is the selection in English? New Jersey State University / Major Subjects: September 2, 1989-May 15, 1999

Wow! This is pretty embarrassing! Douglas Ship majors in English. Didn't you speak English?

There is no advanced degree. He has no science education at all. There is no bioethics degree or training.


Douglas Ship looks forward to defaming people's past misfortunes and how they entered stem cells with little direct training or qualifications. For example, he ridicules legitimate Ph.D.s and others about their previous work outside of stem cells as evidence of bad characters. As you can see, the Douglas Ship past is very embarrassing. Where were you before New Jersey State University? why? Did I have to learn English? Clicky!


Previous work experience Worked Quality Rock Products, Inc. 

Truck driver manager!

This is his first work site:


Douglas's bad personality is evidenced by his preference for bashing and slandering others . He also likes to run street stalkers using Google Maps. He does not have the right to slander or bash others. After all, his career itself is the manager of a truck driver.

Currently, he has an item called Specially Appointed Professor of Physiology, School of Medicine.

Does Keio University make him a staff member knowing that he is being told this way online?

Or is there something to do with the staff who have to work?


The blue letters above are the translators, but the long sentences click below

The International Stem Cell Society (ISSCR) in the on-parade state of the paper forger
If it says "International Stem Cell Society (ISSCR)", I think it is a world-famous society. However, at the level of this society, if you look at the members of the board of directors, you can immediately see that there are an unusually large number of Japanese people. Of the 17 directors, there are four. Moreover, of the 17 people, Timothy Allsopp, Consilium Bio Ltd., UK is one of the groups who knew and concealed the fact of the treatise forgery fraud of Stem Cell Science, and also Japanese Masayo Takahashi. Together with his husband, Atsushi Takahashi, he was involved when Stem Cell Science was committing a treatise forgery fraud.
When I called the late Yoshiki Sasai, he said to Atsushi Takahashi, "Don't get involved from here. I said, and withdrew from Stem Cell Science. It said.
If you search for other overseas professors online, you will find a lot of fabrication relationships.
It is an academic society of that level.
Overseas, there are academic societies that discover the fabrication of treatises.
The chairman here is a friend of his husband, but he said, "It's really scary. 70% -80% of stem cell-related treatises are forged somewhere. It is an unthinkable world to be a professor with this. I was surprised to say.
In the world of stem cell transplantation, it is difficult to find out the papers. There are a lot of people who have scratches on their shins. That is. Douglas Ship is important for such people. That's probably what it means.
When I was translating at Nature, "I was picked up by Shin-ichi Nishikawa of RIKEN. "He told me.
Since Nishikawa told me, I wrote the slander of my husband's company in a journal. I also said.
Nishikawa controlled Kenzo Nakajima of Stem Cell Science behind the scenes. This is Shin-ichi Nishikawa of RIKEN.
Of course, Nishikawa knows all about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud.
Douglas Ship said, "I wrote it when Nishikawa told me. After that, this Douglas Ship was a man who colluded with the National Defense Medical College Hospital and slandered us and his husband's company, and slandered the Children's Fund.
Without dyeing his own hands, he provided false information to various bloggers, listened to the unexpected content, and made us write down our slander.
I learned this fact from a confession from a blogger.
These bloggers were slanderous before I disclosed all the facts, but after the disclosure, I received a document from this blogger with the following contents.
"why? Do Internet Bloggers Know Our Address? It was strange for a long time.
But this document made everything clear.
Summary of written content from the disappeared blogger
The slanderous defamation of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan was written based on information from three informants. I learned this address from one of the informants, "The address has changed. I'd like a stalker. I learned by providing the information. I think he is a doctor at the hospital where his son is hospitalized. That's why I was the first to know the address of the destination where I moved from Roppongi Hills. You have submitted your health insurance card to the hospital. I was telling you the address. "Many fathers come to visit us. I was also saying that. The teacher asked, "Is it okay for the hospital teacher to leak the patient's personal information? I have heard that. Then, the teacher said, "I know the executive department, and I am working with Douglas Ship, the informant there. So, is the hospital and RIKEN working together to slander Ryan and his wife? I felt uncomfortable with that, but the information is from a teacher at a university hospital. "I see, is it something that hospital teachers dislike? I never doubted the words of the hospital and the words of Douglas Ship. Information on the Douglas Ship began in 2011. At first it was a pseudonym, but "I know that the information is provided from within RIKEN. "I don't know the credibility of a pseudonym. "It's the Douglas Sipp of RIKEN. I have been calling myself, so I believed in all the stories and wrote them. Douglas Ship said of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan, "The Mr. and Mrs. Ryan have committed a treatise forgery even though Shin-ichi Nishikawa's company, Stem Cell Science, has not forged a treatise. > Was said. The Ryans were the ones who scammed Stem Cell Science's private stock from the general public. I had an acquaintance's lawyer (Kasahara Motohiro) file a proceeding for damages. "Currently (at the time of 2011), I am using the same lawyer (Kasahara Motohiro) to make a patent trial. "I also have the cooperation of my acquaintance Guardian magazine George Monbio and Tokyo correspondent Justin McCarley. I said. I don't think anyone doubts that word. Also, "When did you start providing information? When I heard that, "Since 2008, I have started slander of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan online in collaboration with the Defense University Hospital and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care, but since the Yahoo blog etc. have been deleted, I have provided information to bloggers. "It said. The National Defense Academy Hospital is the Defense Agency, the staff of the National Defense Academy and RIKEN, and even the Guardian reporter involved? Speaking of Guardian magazine, it is a major British newspaper company. This is just a big game. With that feeling, there was no doubt about Douglas Ship's words. Therefore, I also believed that the ship told me to harass Professor Yoneda and RGI. All company names and addresses, such as the owner's company JIG ELIXCELL REJUVACELL, were sent as information provided by Douglas Sipp using a special computer at RIKEN. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to look that far on your own. However, after that, due to Haruko Obokata 's STAP cell problem , Douglas Ship began to feel distrust of Douglas Ship when he learned that he first wrote and disseminated an article about STAP cells and concealed the fabrication of the treatise. Around that time (currently the homepage transferred to Alblast USA), I read the facts written on the homepage of <Truth Accusation>, and I felt distrust of the words of Douglas Ship, other information providers, and commenters. I got it. Similarly, Douglas Ship said, "Did Ship provide information about this Yahoo blogger's slander to the Children's Fund? Douglas Sipp admitted the fact with a laugh, and when the confidence in Douglas Sipp began to disappear, if the information provider about Mr. and Mrs. Ryan on the blog was the party, the Douglas Sipp of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Douglas Sipp said, "What did you do?" It's a big problem. Was threatened by the Douglas Ship. After that, I asked the men who didn't understand the reason, "Delete the page of RIKEN! Close the blog! If you can't, let's close it! Is threatened. It's only a matter of time before RIKEN and Douglas Sipp organizations have large computers and my passwords are unlocked and hijacked. At worst, you may not be able to write a blog anymore. I live in a remote place, far from the house next door, but the Douglas Ship organization already knows my house. If a blog is written in the future, it's not me.
After receiving some terrifying documents, the message disappeared.
This document will be released in an American trial, but I feel scared because Yoshiki Sasai committed suicide.
In fact, after that, no slander about us was written, but at the same time, as this blogger says, is this blogger gone too? It ends with an unnatural end that can only be said. I'm worried that a blog that has been written for such a long time and many years hasn't really been written for a while after I received this document.
In this, it was written that the year when Douglas Ship began to slander us was 2008, but I was convinced by this.
Credibility of the written content
I quickly realized that what this blogger was saying was true. Because, it is written that ordinary human beings should not know. The following is the content.
1. The content of the conversation that only Douglas Ship and I know is written in this blog.
2. In fact, my son's sympathy is mainly for my husband.
3. The address is notified after submitting the insurance policy.
The above proves the credibility of the blogger's talk of Douglas Ship and the information provided by a university hospital teacher.
Next time, I would like to verify the credibility of what Douglas Ship was saying.
Verification of conversation content that only Douglas Ship knows
First, Douglas Ship said, "The Ryans have committed a treatise forgery, even though Shin-ichi Nishikawa's company, Stem Cell Science, has not forged a treatise. > Was said. The Ryans were the ones who scammed Stem Cell Science's private stock from the general public. I had a lawyer I knew file a proceeding for damages. "Currently (as of 2011), I am using the same lawyer to bring a patent trial. I would like to verify the content that was said.
In 2011, when the blogger was informed by Douglas Ship, no ordinary person who was not a shareholder was aware of Stemcell Science's treatise forgery fraud.
However, the blogger said, "The Ryans have committed a treatise forgery, even though Shin-ichi Nishikawa's company, Stem Cell Science, has not forged a treatise. > Was said. So the fact that this blogger knew the Douglas Ship is credible. Of course, Douglas Ship's "I haven't been a treatise forgery scam. Is a big lie, but the fact that Douglas Ship was an informant seems to be correct, as one outsider blogger never knew this story. You can feel the credibility of the blogger's story.
If by any chance it is not the Douglas Ship, there is only one other person who knows this story.
Yes, this is Nishikawa. There is only Shinichi Nishikawa of RIKEN. There is no doubt that Nishikawa is also involved, but it was the Douglas Ship that moved.
The problem is from here.
Douglas tells this blogger:
"Because the Ryans were the ones who scammed Stem Cell Science's private stock from the general public. A lawyer acquainted with Mr. Nakajima and others was brought to a proceeding for damages. 』\
I was surprised at this word.
That is, is it Douglas Ship that Chimaki Furusawa introduced Motohiro Kasahara to the fabrication trial against me and my husband in the Tokyo District Court? Or, you are confessing that you are a Douglas Sipp group (RIKEN Nishikawa group and Yoshiko Nakajima).
1. Did you get a lawyer you know to claim damages? (Chimanki Furusawa's fabrication trial)
2. The same lawyer is used to make a fraudulent forgery trial to hijack a patent. (Bankruptcy filing of Motohiro Kasahara)
To be honest, was Douglas Sipp slanderous in collaboration with Nihon University Hospital? It is a shock to be told.
Certainly, it was the doctor at Nihon University Hospital who provided information and slandered this blog. It can be understood from the fact that the information is correct. But don't you understand the relationship between Douglas Sipp and Nihon University?
To put it bluntly, I can understand the relationship between Shigeru Kinoshita's lawyer, Motohiro Kasahara, and Mitsuko Yuzawa, the director of Nihon University Hospital, who is said to be a child of Shigeru Kinoshita. Similarly, Alblast's Institutional Review Board includes Taku Sakimoto (Visiting Professor) of Nihon University Hospital and Satoshi Yamagami (Professor of Ophthalmology) who came to the Department of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Women's Medical University East Medical Center. (From Hiroshi Saito's story, Mitsuko Yuzawa is the only person involved in ophthalmology. I think they have nothing to do with it because I was there.)
However, the fact that Douglas Sipp and Nihon University collaborated to provide information was a big shock.
1. Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices is an accomplice lawyer at the time of identity fraud and document fabrication of Shigeru Kinoshita's patent fraud.
2. Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices is a bankruptcy lawyer of Alblast.
3. Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices is a lawyer of Chimaki Furusawa in the fabrication trial.
4. Shigeru Kinoshita is the boss of Mitsuko Yuzawa, the former director of Nihon University Hospital.
As mentioned above, Douglas Sipp was slandered in collaboration with Nihon University Hospital. I was surprised to say that, but at the same time, I was slandering in collaboration with the National Defense Medical College Hospital. I was also shocked by the content.
However, there was certainly a point of contact between the National Defense Medical College Hospital and the RIKEN cell transplant therapy team.
  1. December 26, 2007 (Nishikawa is absent) Call the late Yoshiki Sasai and Hitoshi Niwa to ask about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud.
  2. December 26, 2007 Yoshiko Nakajima makes a threatening phone call about her son's hospitalized National Defense Academy illness.
  3. December 28, 2007 My son was put on a plastic bag on his head and stopped breathing, and then he had two cardiac arrests.
  4. January 2008 Mayumi Iwanashi, the chief nurse of National Defense Medical College Hospital, said to the medical chart, "I will fight. (This case) has deep roots, which leads to resentment. We need to be prepared to get hurt and work together. ] Is described. (Do you fight with slander?)
  5. January 08, 2008  Slandering begins.
  6. 2009 Writes slander of the owner's company in journals such as Science Magazine.
  7. In 2011, he colluded with Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, Shigeru Kinoshita of Kyoto Prefectural University, and Motohiro Kasahara, a lawyer, to have many bloggers write the slander of me and my husband in order to take over the patent.
In addition, Douglas Ship said, "I had an acquaintance's lawyer file a proceeding for damages. Even if the word is not Douglas himself, or a lawyer who is acquainted with a coalition organization such as RIKEN's Nishikawa and Yoshiko Nakajima, who are the bosses of Douglas, this word is a big problem statement anyway.
The reason why this word is important is that Douglas is a group of Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation.
A mysterious link between the Guardian article publication date and Alblast's bankruptcy decision date?
The Guardian article published November 21, 2011
Nihon Keizai Shimbun November 15, 2011
1. Alblast's patent takeover case and Yoshiko Nakajima
October 20, 2010 From Zen Kitagawa, Yoshiko Nakajima, the coordinator of the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care, has slandered me and my husband. You will receive an email with the content.
"I have some reports. First, we received information that Mrs. Nakajima of Stem Cell Science was making various bad statements to Foundation executives about the unpopularity of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan. The executive said he believed the story and warned the teachers involved to be careful of Mr. Ryan. Isn't this completely defamation? 』\
2. Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation aiming to take over Alblast's patent
October 22, 2010 From all Kitagawa, the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is aiming for a patent like a hyena. "The Foundation is aiming for the bankruptcy of Alblast. If I go bankrupt, I plan to start a company with Professor Kinoshita immediately. I'm going to bring a patent without spending a yen. I received an email saying.
3. October 2010 Chimaki Furusawa calls from Motohiro Kasahara's office.
4. October 2010 The children's fund prepared by the husband is slandered.
As mentioned above, this blog contains content that only I and my husband know, so I can't help but believe it.
why? Does Douglas Sipp, who is a public relations officer at RIKEN, make such a slander?
The answer is simple.
Earlier, he told his husband's company, "I'm treating a patient even though I don't have a cell transplant. ] Was posted on Nature. Of course, everything was forged, but to my surprise, the content I wrote was similar to the judgment text of Furusawa's trial, and I was surprised at the close resemblance. I heard later that Douglas Sipp and RIKEN were involved in the decision of Chimaki Furusawa of the Tokyo District Court. And the lawyer for this trial was Motohiro Kasahara, which is exactly what the American kangaroo trial is all about.
The state of cell research personnel at the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and RIKEN, such as adhesions, embezzlement, fraud, and hijacking, seems to be messed up.
My husband and I just want to cure my son's illness. I entered the medical world for the purpose of doing so, but I am shocked by the world of Chimimoryō.
Shin-ichi Nishikawa is one of the members who played a central role in the STAP cell case of treatise fabrication, which was very similar to the thesis fabrication fraud case of Stem Cell Science. Shin-ichi Nishikawa was a founding member of Stem Cell Science, a shareholder and advisor, and a deputy director of the RIKEN Center for Developmental and Regenerative Sciences. A member involved in the thesis forgery fraud of Stem Cell Science, and a man who resigned from RIKEN after being involved in the forgery of the STAP cell problem and the responsibilities of Nishikawa, Niwa, and the late Sasai were rigorously pursued. ..
As you know, Yoshiki Sasai committed suicide at a meeting of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation? I did.
Kenzo Nakajima said, "I consulted with Professor Nishikawa about everything. , And there are also e-mails and recording tapes with that fact written on it.
​​In addition, Kenzo Nakajima repeatedly said, "I am not the true president. Because I'm hired. The real president is RIKEN. And Douglas Ship also said, "Shin-ichi Nishikawa's instructions. I'm saying.
Too frightening, everyone who heard the story said, "It's like a modern horror suspense film. "Is called.
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