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​Evidence email Yoshiko Nakajima wrote about a medical error

The email on the right is an email sent to the directors by Yoshiko Nakajima, an employee of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and the wife of Kenzo Nakajima, the former president of StemCell Science.



I don't understand what it means, but claim that the treatise fraud and malpractice that started after the board meeting that was pursuing the treatise fraud are the same?

Suddenly, I suddenly started talking about the completely unrelated content of treatise fraud and medical malpractice, which is also written in the email.


Of course, I was surprised at the distorted thought that the act of pursuing the fabrication of a treatise was the same as a medical error, but AM. I was also surprised at the midnight time of 1:06 minutes.


This e-mail was sent on December 24, the day after the board meeting where Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara admitted that he knew about the treatise forgery fraud. Immediately after Mr. Nakahara admitted, the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation The threat of Yoshiko Nakajima has begun.

The Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is close to Yoshiko Nakajima, a founding member of Stem Cell Science, and at the same time an advisor, who knew all about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud. It is also famous as the place where the late Yoshiki Sasai, who committed suicide in a mysterious way, committed suicide.

This Yoshiko Nakajima is a really scary person.

As a coordinator, he has a relationship with National Defense Medical College Hospital and Nihon University Hospital, and Yoshiko Nakajima, in collaboration with Douglas Ship, still clings to us and her husband's company, stalking and harassing, and I am harassing on the net.

First of all, this "Apologize for you!" Written in the email. I have no remorse! The phrase, "I really felt the fear.

≪Oh. I'm the one who uses such strong words. ≫ At the same time, do not appeal this treatise forgery fraud to the police regarding the treatise forgery fraud. I was frustrated by the content that threatened me many times.

"Apologize for your fault! I have no remorse! 』\


The scary e-mail says that it is a foundation located at the top of medical care in Japan and is comparable to NIH in the United States. At the same time, he is an employee of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, which is a foundation related to Kobe City, and he is not an ordinary employee. I am an employee who collaborates with all Japanese university hospitals and coordinates with those hospitals. I was surprised at the horrifying wording that I couldn't think of as such an employee's wording, but from the content of this email, Yoshiko Nakajima of this Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation is a woman, but at such a time, From the fact that he sent such a blackmailed email, I understood that he was a person who knew all the facts of paper fabrication and fraud, as the researcher of the institute had said before.

At the same time, Yoshiko Nakajima said, "Don't charge for the delinquent rent of 50 million yen from Stem Cell Science. 』And threatened the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. That may not be a lie. I felt that.


Here is a recording tape of Mr. Nakahara and myself.

There is a recording tape of the board meeting.

Please check the wording.

As expected, "Apologize for your fault! I have no remorse! That ", the horrible words, whether I or the new representative directors and directors team is using, please check.

No one uses such words.

It cannot be used.

Because, for the first time in my life, I heard such a terrifying wording. Maybe it's Yoshiko Nakajima's habit?

The words you are used to are scary.

In other words, by listening to this recording tape, you can fully understand that this Yoshiko Nakajima is a person who has the habit of learning how to distort the facts and make a statement. Please check my language usage.


Moreover, she is an employee of a government-affiliated foundation, and her husband's company, Stem Cell Science, has delinquent rent, which is said to be 30 million yen or 50 million yen, to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. An intelligence officer who has been tolerated for about six months a year, this fact has been evaded in the recorded conversation of Kenzo Nakajima as an answer to questions about rent.

As I say many times, I have heard the same story from many reporters about this fact.

According to this reporter, when I was investigating the foundation and RIKEN in Kobe, many people said that Yoshiko Nakajima of the foundation made Stem Cell Science's rent of 30 million yen unreasonable. Is this a conflict of interest? Or maybe there is a possibility of taking over.

It was stating.


The following is a conversation with Nakahara, who was audited on December 24, 2007.

Please listen to my wording.



For example, I gave 100 steps and made an investment of 300 million yen (confession of an auditor) or 700 million yen without disclosing the fact while knowing the treatise forgery fraud as shown in this recording tape. The fact is that they don't want to talk to me, even at a conversational level that is too kind to be a pursuit of auditors who were in a position like a co-conspirator of treatise fraud. If so, isn't it because Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara knew the magnitude of the crimes they had committed?


Also, in this email, the new CEO and JIG have no right to accuse the police. However, we consult with a lawyer and if we do not file a complaint with the police, if that fact is discovered after listing, the stock price will be There is a high possibility that the stock price will decline, and if such content is discovered after listing, there is a high possibility that it will be delisted. , Listing is impossible. Was said.


In that case, there is a high possibility that the directors such as the master and the new president will be the subject of the shareholder proceedings, so it is necessary to "accuse the police" in advance. Therefore, even if I received such an extortion email, I said that I would definitely carry out the complaint to the police.


At the same time, please listen to the recording tape containing the conversation that Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara admitted to forging the treatise and at the same time admitting that he knew the fact of the fraud of 300 million yen.


Please check my language and see what I use.


I would like you to confirm the fact that the words of Yoshiko Nakajima, who was an employee of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation in Kobe, who sent this e-mail, are false with this recording tape.


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