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About cell transplantation treatment
Furusawa falsely testified that we didn't have it, and the court decided that we didn't have cell transplantation therapy because of STAP cells, and the treatise fabrication was still a problem. It seems that it was a paper by Teruhiko Wakayama.
Is it suicide alone due to the treatise forgery problem in the trial brought by the director who became the minion of the group that invaded the treatise forgery fraud? We use Wakayama's paper on STAP cells to prove it.
Moreover, the court did not realize that Teruhiko Wakayama's treatise was a forgery, so he believed in this treatise, and the cell transplantation therapy we possess does not exist in the world. I decided.
Of course, cell transplantation therapy exists in the world at this time.
Wakayama, who didn't know that, just didn't have the knowledge. Because they don't have that kind of knowledge, they forge a treatise. I don't know what kind of research I should do in the laboratory, so for the time being, I do false research and look familiar with talent transplantation treatment in order to receive subsidies and investment funds.
By the way, to be clear, at this point, only one person in Japan really knew about cell transplantation therapy.
There is no one now.
There is currently no professor in Japan who is familiar with current cell transplantation therapies. It is zero.

In the fabrication trial that Chimaki Furusawa filed against us, I used to


"The court said," There is no stem cell transplant treatment in the world yet, "a professor of cell transplant technology, which is a low level in Japan. We do not have cell transplantation therapy. I decided. 』\


I wrote.


However, it seems that it was a mistake. To be exact,


"The court found that Furusawa, who was instigated by a group of Stem Cell Science and the RIKEN / Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, who committed the thesis forgery fraud, was invaded by the same RIKEN group as another thesis forgery fraud, the STAP cell group. Teruhiko Wakayama's "There is no stem cell transplantation treatment in the world yet. We do not have cell transplantation therapy. I decided.

The anomaly is the actual story.

In short, the court referred to the knowledge of cell transplantation therapy from the papers of a professor of the STAP cell group who had the same hole in the same hole as Stem Cell Science and committed the exact same type of paper forgery fraud. , Decided that he does not have cell transplantation technology. That is to say.


It's a story that is too low-dimensional, and it makes me really embarrassed as a Japanese person.

To be clear, there is no doubt that my husband's company's cell transplantation therapy technology has been the best in the world for 17 years.

Even if I explain it, it would be useless if the Japanese courts seemed to trust the professors of stem cell transplantation therapy in Japan.

It is a world full of treatises.

I don't have any knowledge or skills.

If you don't like being told, we will always have a public debate.

In the world of cell therapy in Japan, 50% of the papers are forged.

The replacement of the photos is definitely a treatise, but this is not included.


Now then, let's talk about the world-famous TED, the TOP of the Megawa Institute at the University of Pittsburgh at the time, and the speech by Alan Russell, who started a cell therapy company with his husband. Who is the cardiac surgeon named Fedirico mentioned in the 14th minute of this speech?


Yes, Fedirico is the first doctor in the world to successfully treat stem cells for heart, diabetes and Parkinson's disease, the world's first to establish a cell transplant therapy company in collaboration with her husband, and under this Alan, the first stem cell in the United States. The FDA-approved doctor for transplant treatment was Dr. Amit, who also founded the company with his husband.


This was in 2005.


So this judge said

"We don't have cell transplant therapy. The content that said

It's a big mistake, or a bright red lie. It was a so-called forged trial, and we met at the Kangaroo trial.


Do you trust the performers of this world-famous TED?

It's up to you to believe in the unnamed, ignorant judge of stem cells, but ...?


Too much, the presiding judge's decision was embarrassing, somehow forgetting the evolution that made him want to create the new name "Galapagos Trial," or when Columbus discovered the Americas, the Indians It's like talking about a big ship in front of you, but you couldn't see it at all.

It was a ruling in an analog trial that trusted a group of bizarre and bizarre treatise forgery scams.

Also, here is an explanation of our cell transplantation treatment 10 years ago, sent by G, the new representative of Stem Cell Science, to Kenzo Nakajima, the former representative.

It has passed 10 years ever since!

Our treatment is no longer in cell transplantation treatment.

It has evolved into BEYOND STEM CELL Therapy, but the explanation at that time was written 10 years ago.




From: SG

Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2008 8:38 PM
To: KN
Cc: james; MIKI-JIG


Mr. N


I haven't heard from you.

I would like to email you because there seems to be a big misunderstanding about my remarks on my future business plan at the last extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. I would like to reiterate exactly what I said.

Regarding the safety of bone marrow cell transplantation, the procedure has been given to a huge number of patients for many years as a treatment for blood diseases, and cattail treatment is also performed in many areas including the cardiovascular area. The combination forms the basis of the treatment methodology we are about to introduce. As a regenerative treatment using bone marrow cells for patients, we already have more than hundreds of achievements in facilities supported by JIG, so we believe that there is no problem with safety. Next, regarding efficacy, the insulin withdrawal rate and insulin weight loss effect for type 2 diabetes are not fully prepared in the standard form of Randamized, Blind controlled, and Multi-center Clinical Trial. This is what I said the effect was not completely established. Mr. Nakajima, an expert, knew that the standard for approved drugs is that post-approval investigations and clinical studies are conducted, but it was misunderstood. Is disappointing. In addition, even in the process approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for new treatment of medical devices other than drugs or in the guidelines prepared by the academic society, the results of Randamized, Blind controlled Clinical Trial at the Single (or a few) center are Class II. It is generally incorporated into Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) as recommended data. JIG's treatment strategy does not reach Class I EBM, but it has a sufficient track record of Class II and has reached a level that can be introduced into clinical practice as free medical care. I think. If not, I'm not involved in this way either. I thought that this point was understood at the time of the contract, but I hope that you will fully understand it again.


Another reason I was trying to introduce cell therapy in free practice could be explained. The current regulation of stem cell therapy creates a situation where clinical trials can only be performed at university hospitals and national centers. With this, the exit is only advanced medical care and insurance medical care. In addition, we must be prepared for at least 5 years to approve stem cell therapy for clinical use, and even if we look at advanced medical treatment for arteriosclerosis obliterans, we expect a sufficient reimbursement price. It is difficult to do so, and it is extremely unlikely that the cost of treatment development will be recovered. As for the exit strategy of the current treatment development type bio-venture, when considering the medical administration situation of the country, I think that there is no other way but to select free medical care as a new exit. Of course, newly developed treatment is an academy's job, but if you have a track record of Class II overseas, it is a waste of time and a disadvantage for the patient to dare to go through the process of academia's clinical trial. I think there is. Fortunately, the Japanese Medical Practitioners Act is very powerful and effective enough to enable the above treatment strategies. It's a parable to explain this, saying that it's the doctor's responsibility to do anything if he doesn't do harmful treatments.

The explanation is insufficient and it seems to be misleading, so I hope that you will fully understand this.


Lastly, regarding the treatment results at hospitals supported by JIG, although there is nothing clearly stated as JIG support in the treatise, it has been fully announced at academic societies. I thought it would be easy to find an expert, let alone a leader doing business in this field. I think that it is possible for a third party to understand that we could not provide information because of insufficient communication and lack of a reliable foundation. In the future, if we can build a sufficient relationship of trust and take over without hesitation, we believe that JIG's technology will be disclosed.




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