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Chimanki Furusawa's Fake Trial
A Turkish man named Chimaki Furusawa (Ouz Memet)
A trial forged by Chimaki Furusawa (Ozu Memet) in collaboration with Motohiro Kasahara, an unscrupulous fraud lawyer at AK Law Offices. And Yoshiko Nakajima of RIKEN and the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medicine, who were involved again.

At the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors meeting on December 13, 2007, there was a Turkish national named Chimaki Furusawa as a director of Stemcell Science.

At this time, Furusawa attended this general meeting of shareholders and made an inauguration greeting. After that, a dissertation fraud was discovered, and in order to pursue the facts, the extraordinary board meeting and JAFCO staff held three board meetings attended as observers, and the directors also held these three board meetings. As I was attending (with recording tape), this Furusawa filed a forgery trial, and in that trial, "I am not a director of Stemcell Science. I gave a false testimony.

For what reason did you need to give false testimony?


Subsequent talks with informants and others have now revealed all the reasons, but for the sake of profit, even the facts of public knowledge are lied to. I am shocked by the act.

Moreover, he told Yoshiko Nakajima about the fact of the treatise forgery fraud, "I will report it to the police before the New Year. Only two days later, his 11-year-old son had a plastic bag on his head, and despite being familiar with the fact that he became a plant human due to suffocation, he made such a forgery trial. I'm really shocked by the fact that I did.

Appointed director of Stem Cell Science

Chimaki Furusawa, who has Turkish nationality, was in this fabrication trial."I am not a board member of Stem Cell Science. 』\I affirmed.
I was surprised at the nerve to tell such a lie at such a court seat, but when I searched Furusawa's lawyer Motohiro Kasahara on the net, various things such as patent takeover specialty were written, so this lawyer, Or was it inspired by Shinichi Nishikawa and Douglas Ship of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and the Institute of Bargaining Price, which are moving behind the scenes? I felt that.
Of course, this Furusawa testimony is a complete lie.
Please check the attachment of the consent form for appointment as a director below as evidence.
Click here for the inauguration consent form
December 13, 2007 General Meeting of Shareholders Held in Kobe
  (At the general meeting, Chimaki Furusawa submitted a letter of consent for inauguration, shareholders such as JAFCO approved it, and Furusawa gave an inauguration greeting to the shareholders on the spot.)
December 24, 2007 At the Tokyo ANA Intercontinental Hotel, an extraordinary board meeting was held on the pursuit of treatise forgery fraud and the accusation to the police (Furusawa attended this board meeting as a director and pursued Nakahara, a corporate auditor. Therefore, Furusawa's voice is included in the recording tape. At the same time, it is also stamped on the minutes of the board of directors.)
Evidence of attendance at board meeting = Click here for recording tape
Click here for the recording tape of the board meeting
January 08, 2008 At the Tokyo ANA Intercontinental Hotel, the Board of Directors meeting was held again regarding the pursuit of treatise forgery fraud (Furusawa also attended this Board of Directors meeting as a director and stamped the minutes of the board of directors).
In this way, Furusawa, in collaboration with us, attended the board meeting to pursue the thesis forgery fraud by Kenzo Nakajima and Audit & Supervisory Board Member Nakahara, and was a venture capital firm of Audit & Supervisory Board Member U and Nomura Securities, which is a major shareholder. A certain JAFCO and others witnessed as an observer, and at that seat, he definitely said, "I'm Furusawa, a director. Is also included in the recording tape.
So far, there is clear evidence, but why did Furusawa say, "I'm not a director. Is it possible to say something that even a child can tell a lie?
By admitting that he was a director, he would not be able to attend the board meeting, so he misrepresented his identity. It is said that. Because he admits that he was a director. That means that he knew about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud, and it is possible that his case was forged. It seemed to be judged. It's a very shallow idea, but Motohiro Kasahara's trial has a reputation for being a lot of forgery trials and kangaroo trials, so I think this is fine.
His impression on me and my husband was that he was a very sincere person, so the fact that he was such a liar has become traumatic.
In this way, this forgery trial is a court that is basically a public place, a public company, and has received an investment of 750 million yen from JAFCO and others from more than 30 major investment companies. At the general meeting of shareholders of Stemcell Science, a public company, a person who was greeting the appointment of a director did not feel guilty at all.
"I am not a director. 』\
And speak with a straight face. "Is this the kind of person?" I was shocked and got goose bumps.
This forgery trial was a truly ridiculous child-deception trial that began with such a public lie.
If you think about it now, it may have been a race trial.
In addition, in this fabrication trial, Furusawa said, "I have stopped receiving emails and phone calls from my husband and I since December 2007. I wrote a really stupid lie in the complaint so much that I was about to blow out the Starbucks ice cafe I was drinking, like a fool.
Because, at that time, on the same day that Furusawa became a director on December 13, 2007, we first learned about the fact of the company's thesis forgery fraud from the accusation of G, the director of the research institute of Stemcell Science. It was.
Of course, because of surprise and shock, what should we do in the future?
Is that the case? Isn't it true? Should we hold the next extraordinary board meeting or file a complaint with the police?
How do you consult a lawyer?
I had phone calls, emails, and meetings almost every day.
Despite this situation, Furusawa said in a trial, "Since December 2007, I have suddenly stopped receiving calls and emails. I can't meet you anymore. I was really surprised when I talked about it.
In January 2008, I met many times at the board meeting (observer is JAFCO) and other meetings, talked about how to report the forgery of Stemcell Science's treatise to the police, and Kenzo Nakajima et al. Reverse merger is not possible due to the thesis forgery fraud. (It is stated in the minutes of the board of directors.) I had repeated emails, phone calls, and meetings.
Even though it was such a situation, and the fact was known not only to me but also to the new president of CG and other corporate auditors, why? Do you tell such a child-level lie? That was an unthinkable fact from the image of Furusawa that I knew.
A big problem with Stem Cell Science
There was a big problem with Stem Cell Science.
It was that Kenzo Nakajima refused to hand over the representative seal.
Click here for details on the fact that the representative seal was refused to be handed over.
The reason for the refusal is that, for a simple reason, the new president, G, who noticed the treatise forgery fraud, pursued it over the phone, so he does not want to make it a lawsuit or criminal issue. It seems that the reason was that.
As mentioned above, I think it is understandable that the reason why Kenzo Nakajima did not hand over the representative seal was to cover up their treatise forgery fraud.
In the meantime, I don't know why, but Furusawa turned over to Kenzo Nakajima, Nishikawa, Sasai, and Niwa of RIKEN, and refused to sign and seal the representative seal change application. I learned the fact.
I've known this fact for a long time, but I didn't want to admit it because it was a fact I didn't want to believe.
However, in the end, Furusawa refused to sign and seal this representative seal change application, so it is proof that he became a human being on the Nakajima side, and this Furusawa stamped the representative seal change signature of Stemcell Science. Because of the failure, Stemcell Science had a number of troubles, which eventually prevented Stemcell Science from proceeding with the M & A talks with England, which was Stemcell Science's last chance. In the meantime, the hope of listing was cut off and everything was over.
Click here for more information about Furusawa who refused to sign and seal the change of representative seal.
M & A failed for Furusawa
The owner wants to manage to succeed Stem Cell Science's reverse merger even after the planned M & A (reverse merger) with Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) has failed due to a treatise forgery fraud. I have made a wish and made an effort.
And finally, I had the last chance to do an M & A with an English company.
The owner's reverse merger is not an M & A with a company introduced by a securities company, unlike the reverse merger that is generally said. All of them are only famous companies introduced by my husband's acquaintances, so I was able to make a reverse merger with confidence.
Whether it's Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), which was the partner company of Stem Cell Science's reverse merger, or Forty Cell, which is the destination of Alblast's reverse merger, both are not shell companies, but very much. It was a famous company.
That was the failure due to the refusal to sign and seal this application for changing the representative seal of Furusawa.
According to Furusawa, the reason for refusing is "I don't like it because the value of M & A in the 2 billion yen class is low. After all, I want you to make an M & A of at least 10 billion yen. However, in reality, I turned over to Nakajima and the RIKEN side. It seems that it was a fact.
Certainly, if the first M & A with ACT was successful, it would have been expensive.
We intended to introduce such a wonderful plan to Stem Cell Science.
It was mercilessly ruined because of Kenzo Nakajima, RIKEN, and Furusawa.
After that, we had no choice but to conclude an M & A contract with another affiliated company at ACT .
However, after that, Jun Mochizuki, an executive officer of Mizuho Securities, and Hwanbom Jim Lee, a Korean employee of Mizuho Securities, said that I had an M & A contract with another affiliated company after that.・ We tricked the CEO of Technology (ACT) and used our plan as it was to have a Korean company do an M & A with ACT.
The contract with ACT at that time is still kept in the safe of an American bank and handed over to an American lawyer, but unquestionably, Jun Mochizuki stole our plan as it was. is. Mizuho Securities transferred our plan to a company called Chabio in South Korea and had it M & A with ACT. Chabio used this stolen plan to raise stock prices. Chabio, which was a small business, had its stock price, which was 2 billion yen at first, soared to 50 billion yen. (This is Samsung's chairman's secretary, Hwanbom Jim Lee, a Korean employee of Mizuho Securities at the time, who was told by his husband to make a presentation with ACT, that Hwanbom Jim Lee and Mizuho Securities' Jun Mochizuki and others used their master's plan to force the Korean company Charbio to reverse-mage exactly the same thing. Hwanbom Jim Lee has already talked about the fact of this crime. , The conversation recording tape that acknowledged the fact and the content of the conversation by Takeo Sekihara, the former vice chairman of Mizuho Trust and Banking, who was the boss of Jun Mochizuki who introduced Jun Mochizuki, are handed over to an American lawyer as proof.
At the same time, there is a proof email and contract of Bill Codewell, who was the CEO of ACT, and the crime of Mizuho Securities' Jun Mochizuki and others is clear. At the same time, they stole the University of Tokyo platelet plan I gave them.
I believed that I was an employee of Mizuho Securities, but Mr. Sekihara said, "Jun Mochizuki is a man who does that kind of thing. Eventually, something will go wrong. I was taught. "
All these facts are published on the English homepage. Preparing for US lawyer proceedings.
From this, you can understand how wonderful the master's plan was.
(There is evidence recording tape)
We intended to introduce such a wonderful plan that Mizuho Securities wanted to Stem Cell Science.
It failed mercilessly because of Kenzo Nakajima, RIKEN, and Furusawa.

Evidence that Furusawa is a member of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation's group is obvious when you look at the lawyer in the trial that Furusawa filed.

This lawyer of Furusawa is Motohiro Kasahara, Yoshiko Nakajima of Kobe's Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, a lawyer of RIKEN side, and a lawyer of GungHo, but this lawyer is being tried by Furusawa. At the same time, the patent of the owner's company, Alblast USA, was forged with an identification certificate and a document, and the name was changed without the permission of Mr. Ryan.
The patent was later transferred to the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation and then to Regency Regience Co. , Ltd., a venture company associated with the former president of Softbank, GungHo's older brother. (If you search for Motohiro Kasahara on the Internet, you will find many patent hijackers.)
Can you believe such a person?
In other words, Chimaki Furusawa's trial was a forgery trial set up by Motohiro Kasahara and Chimaki Furusawa in order to commit patent fraud at Ryan's company Alblast USA. It means that.
Click here for more information on M & A with ACT
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