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​Consent of evidence that Chimaki Furusawa blocked listing

This document was a reverse merger (listed) of Stemcell Science, which had no choice but to return the M & A with an American listed company scheduled for June 2008 to a blank sheet due to a treatise forgery fraud by the former management. However, after that, he did what certain directors had to do, such as accusing the police of the treatise forgery fraud, and did what the current directors had to do with the treatise forgery fraud, as told by the lawyer. Later, it can be listed. As the content says, we sought to list the M & A method again.


As a result, it was decided to enter into negotiations for M & A with an English company, and we concluded a confidentiality agreement regarding M & A and entered into discussions.


However, because Kenzo Nakajima, the former representative director, refused to hand over the representative seal, he was unable to change and register the representative and directors of the certified copy of the register.


In reality, the representatives and directors were changed at general meetings of shareholders and board meetings, but after all, when it comes to M & A, the representative seal is absolutely necessary, so in order to change the representative seal, the register must be changed. Since it was necessary, it was indispensable to sign and seal the consent form of the representative seal change notification of President G, who was the representative director at that time, and Furusawa, who was the director.


However, only Furusawa, who was a director, refused to sign and seal the seal necessary for changing the representative seal, and as a result, the change registration of the register could not be done, and the listing was eventually blocked.


Naturally, I wanted to list the stock in the form of M & A so as not to betray the trust of those who purchased the shares as shareholders, but I could not do it because of Furusawa's actions.


Therefore, as a result of discussions at the board meeting, Furusawa's actions should not be tolerated, and a written consent was signed at the board meeting to claim damages.


This document is a written consent to the board members' claim for damages against Furusawa.

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