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​Yoshiko Nakajima, Coordinator of the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care

“There is a foundation called the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation in Kobe. It is a foundation in which the city of Kobe is involved, but here I have a job to coordinate collaborations with most university hospitals in Japan. It is said that it is Yoshiko Nakajima, the wife of Kenzo Nakajima, who was the former president and CEO of Stem Cell Science, who committed the forgery fraud. The story of telling Kenzo Nakajima that he didn't have to pay the rent and the story of a conflict of interest seemed to be a famous story, and the NHK reporter knew it.


In America, if, "Watch out for your son. If the son is killed or kidnapped immediately after being blackmailed or threatened, the threatened person will be questioned first. Of course, I thought it was the same in Japan, but it seemed to be different in this world of Yoshiko Nakajima. Yoshiko Nakajima, a total of four people, two doctors and two nurses, had an unnatural email and phone call at the Defense University Hospital two days before her son was put on a plastic bag on his head and stopped breathing. increase.

Unnatural content of Yoshiko Nakajima


1. Why? Two days before my 11-year-old eldest son received a medical case at National Defense Medical College Hospital, Yoshiko Nakajima knew that her son was admitted to National Defense Medical College Hospital. This fact alone is goosebumps for stalking, but Yoshiko Nakajima has also sent emails like items 2 and 3 as if she knew her son would encounter a medical malpractice doctor.

2. An unclear email from Yoshiko Nakajima with an analogy that medical malpractice and treatise fabrication are similar.

3. Email about my son from Yoshiko Nakajima

​Threatening email from Yoshiko Nakajima

​Intimidation call from Yoshiko Nakajima

From Yoshiko Nakajima

Medical malpractice mail

​Yoshiko Nakajima's slanderous email

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