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Evidence recording tape

Extraordinary Board of Directors

The recording tape on the right is a recording tape of the extraordinary board meeting on December 24, 2007. The voice of Chimaki Furusawa (Ozu Memet) is included from 58 seconds of this tape.
Four days after this board meeting. The son was discovered as a plant human with a plastic bag on his head and a red string-like mark on his neck.
At the same time, about two weeks after this extraordinary board meeting, a video of hacking and intimidation by the Turks began.
After the general meeting of shareholders on December 13, 2007, Mr. Sato, who was a researcher, refused to publish the paper to the new president, StemCell Science, knowing that the paper was forged, and committed an investment fraud. There is. There was a whistleblower.
After that, as a result of discussions with the new president, new director Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ouz Memet) and director Z, let's confirm the facts at the extraordinary board meeting. It was decided that.
The recording tape on the right is a tape that confirms the facts with Mr. Nakahara, who was an Audit & Supervisory Board Member, at the extraordinary board meeting.
In a conversation with Mr. Nakahara a few days before this meeting, Mr. Nakahara
"Since it is difficult for investors to gather if I give up (research because I know the treatise fabrication), I was pending (postponement of the publication of the treatise fabrication fraud). It is to say. 』\
Is answered. Stem Cell Science is a joint venture with the cell research group of RIKEN such as Shinichi Nishikawa, Hitoshi Niwa, and the late Yoshiki Sasai of the STAP cell group. RIKEN was once called NIH in Japan. Senior staff at the institute's cell transplant therapy were acknowledging the forgery of the treatise and tolerating it for investment. That's amazing.
From around 2013, I had the opportunity to check the treatises of many Japanese professors due to my husband's work, but I was asked to check them at an overseas cell research institute, but there were many fabrications.
Therefore, it is very difficult for Japanese researchers to trust, but there are still some wonderful people.
There are some people who really hate bending and have research skin. However, most of those who say that are working hard to discover new things in a disadvantaged environment.
To Mr. Nakahara, an auditor who is incoherent in what he is saying in this recording tape, the new president's talk is coherent, very ethical, and at the same time, very mindful. I hope you will understand that you are a good person.
We held board meetings about four times, but another Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Mr. M,
"Mr. Nakajima doesn't know what he's talking about. What I always say changes. In that respect, the new president is wonderful. I want you to continue as the new president. 』\
I was saying that.
Chimaki Furusawa said in a trial that sued me and my husband that I and my husband said, "From around October, I knew about Stem Cell Science's treatise forgery fraud. I was making a false statement.
He's a stupid person.
It is a fact that Furusawa knew that everything was recorded at the board meeting.
But why did Furusawa make such a statement that he could easily tell a lie?
Was it instigated by lawyer Motohiro Kasahara, who hijacked the patent of his husband's company? I can only think of it, but why? Did you do something like this that you could immediately tell a lie? Even now, it's strange and unavoidable.
That is, as you can see from this recording tape, both I and my husband first learned of the treatise forgery fraud on December 13, 2013, and there is no fact like the lie of Furusawa's statement.
Currently, we are preparing a lawsuit for damages in the United States due to patent fraud (lawyer Motohiro Kasahara) and bankruptcy filing (lawyer Motohiro Kasahara) by Motohiro Kasahara, Shigeru Kinoshita, and all Kitagawa.
The strongest lawyer in the United States said, "Don't hurry. Look at the period. I'm relieved, but at present, Douglas Ship and Hiroshi Saito (Nihon University Hospital) are working hard to spread the case of Furusawa's lie statement on the Internet as a source of slander. As I am doing, I am thinking of a retrial or a proceeding in the United States for this as well. ​​
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