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A blogger who has also slandered the children's fund movement in the Kingdom of Monaco.

The joint slanderous community of RIKEN, the National Defense Academy, and Nihon University continued to act as stalking loggers without showing up.
It wasn't long before we learned of the fact that this group was slanderous.
Who was slanderous?
I received everything in the form of providing information.
However, at this time, I didn't know who was the performer, and I was living anxious days.
Due to these slanderous injuries, we were disappointed that we could not establish a fund or donate.
About the Japanese Children's Fund
Even though many people are gathering to save their children, no one can save the children with heart disease who are still suffering from illness.
The people involved were really disappointed.
My husband is a really good person, although it is strange to say from my mouth. Say hello to anyone without distinction. I asked, "Why do you talk to such a person? Even if I get angry, I don't care at all and make friends with anyone.
To be honest, I've never seen an owner with such a pure soul. He has a very good personality and is not interested in money. When dealing with people, they treat people with a gentle feeling, think about gentle things, and give people a gentle feeling with nature. Therefore, there are fans all over the world who resonate with such feelings.
I have a rather bad personality. I'm not kind and I don't like talking to people.
Since I was young, I have had many relationships with CEOs and politicians of major companies, so I had a good range of friends with VIPs in Japan. However, my husband's friendships and connections are unusual.
Having lived in many countries other than Africa for work, there are so many VIP acquaintances that go beyond normal territory, from royal aristocrats to CEOs of major companies in the world, NASA, CIA, Pentagon, Homeland Security. We have a wide range of friendships, including former top executives such as Hollywood actors and directors.
Moreover, everyone treats their husband as if they were friends.
Everyone feels that the CEO of a major company who has the ability to see people from the world's VIP and the experience of 100 battles, likes his husband, probably because he has a really kind and pure personality. I think it is. There is no front or back. I said, "Don't expose yourself to everything! I want to be careful. I will never lie. I said, "Honne and tatemae. Occasionally lie. ]. The closer you are to the feeling of yin and yang, the more completely different your personality is.
Therefore, my husband is always protected by friends and acquaintances.
Around this time, my husband continued to be shocked by the fact that some people slandered the Children's Fund.
It seemed that the existence of such a person was a big shock to my husband.
"There are people who do that ... I was utterly disappointed.
Therefore, my husband talked about the fact that he was slandered by the Children's Fund in Japan in various places such as Los Angeles and Newyork.
Everyone asked, "Is there such a person in Japan? I was surprised.
So much for her husband, the slanderous injuries made it impossible to treat children with heart disease. The fact was a big shock and an unbelievable event.
At that time, a childhood friend of the world-famous master said, "There is a dance party hosted by the Knights of Malta and the royal family in Monaco. So why not solicit donations from the Children's Fund? I received a suggestion.


Ravi Ruia with family


With Maharana

Together with the original Prince and La Georgia

A royal official dance party was held every year in this Kingdom of Monaco.
I knew that the act of raising funds at the dance party was often done.
In fact, even on March 11, 2011, a large donation of the dance party was sent from the Monaco royal family to Japan.
However, our fund is a fund that has abandoned its establishment due to slander, and such an unknown fund cannot act to raise funds at this dance party. However, the royal family of my husband's acquaintance said, "Whether or not a fund has been established is not a problem in Monaco, and the important thing is to rescue children and have a relationship of trust. If you wish, I will try to make a speech to the children's fund officials after the speech by Maharana in India. He even said.
And we have a chance to rescue our children. The FDA approved the American bone marrow cell transplant for the first time in the United States in order to solicit donations in Monaco. A famous doctor came to Monaco and gave a speech at a dance party after Maharana in India for her husband's fund.
Chimaki Furusawa said in a trial about this doctor, "I don't know a doctor for cell transplantation treatment, but I know it. At the same time, there is no cell transplantation treatment in the world yet. However, my husband deceived Furusawa. I appealed.
So, does the doctor of the husband's business partner who is operating with the approval of this FDA want to call it a phantom?
After that, so many people offered to donate.
However, something surprising happened.
At the same time as the start of the dance, the blogger began to slander the act of the Children's Fund in Monaco.
At the same time, the first blog for slander in English was created, and even in English, "Don't donate because this Monaco Children's Fund is a fraudulent act. "James Ryan is a scammer. The slanderous defamation began in English.
At the same time, of the Japanese, English and French Children's Fund homepages we have prepared, all English and French homepages have been replaced with pictures of miserable torture, saying, "Don't donate. Was replaced with the content that the voice flowed.
The homepage of the owner's company was just replaced by the Turkish homepage with the same feeling as when it was hacked and hijacked.
To do so far, you can't do it unless you're a professional hacker or public relations professional.
Around 11 midnight when the dance party was over, the babysitter of the child left at the hotel de Paris where I was staying opened the door and said, "The phone is ringing many times. Who is this late time? I was wondering, but I heard that the call was related to the Children's Fund in Los Angeles, and the reason I called many times was the call to the homepage that was hacked and replaced around 6 pm, and I got goosebumps. Has arrived.
"Why did you find out about Monaco? 』\
"Why are you so relentlessly harassing? 』\
The question quickly turned into fear.
This is because of the anomaly of the homepage.
I asked to shut down the homepage immediately, but of course, donations cannot be collected on such a homepage.
Why do you go this far?
What's more, perfect English usage?
How to use a miserable photo that is a crime but not afraid of the police.
Normally, this is the only threat. I can't really do it. You may be able to do it with. However, we actually found the son in the form of an attempted murder and became a plant human at one point, and a military doctor at the Defense University Hospital collectively put a plastic bag on his head. I knew from all that they were an unusual organized crime corps, and that they were a large organization that could actually even murder, not just threatening them.
Given that their purpose is to shut up against me and my husband who learned of the treatise forgery scam, it's easy to see who is supporting the executive team.
At this time, we did not yet know that this slanderous organization was a coalition of RIKEN, National Defense Medical College Hospital, and Nihon University Hospital. However, the act of putting a plastic bag on the head of an 11-year-old child in anticipation of the absence of parents is nothing more than an abnormal act. If this happens two days after talking on the phone with Niwa of RIKEN, the late Sasai, and Yoshiko Nakajima of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, it is natural for parents to suspect that there is a causal relationship. ..Moreover, Yoshiko Nakajima suddenly gave me the name of the National Defense Medical College Hospital where my son was hospitalized, saying, "You should be careful. Isn't it a threat?
I was shocked by the fact that some people earn money to carry out slanderous defamation. I've heard that there is an organization like an executive unit that does this kind of thing, so I got goosebumps with horror.
The possibility of that type of organization was also told by the police who consulted. Somehow, the detective felt like he knew all the criminals. ​​
"The other organization is too big. I can't move because there are so many things on the police. I can't say any more because it's dangerous, some children are sick, and I shouldn't have any danger. I was told.
Later, I learned that this organization was the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, National Defense Medical College Hospital, and Nihon University Hospital, but in the medical chart of National Defense Medical College Hospital, as the words of Mayumi Iwanashi, the chief nurse of the pediatric department. , The following instructions were written, which I couldn't think of as the words of a hospital nurse.
I will fight. (This case) has deep roots, which leads to resentment. We need to be prepared to get hurt and work together. ]
I don't know what to fight, but it's a really scary word. It means that you have performed an act that deepens your roots, but what is it that hospital nurses need to fight together until they are prepared to get hurt? A few days after I thought, multiple slanderous injuries began around January 8-10, 2008.
It is said that it was carried out by an organization that also included RIKEN.
They threatened me about my son to hide their treatise forgery scams, and in fact the son became vegetative, and this nurse's [command]. ] It is a description. It can only be said that it is abnormal.
Then, he repeats stalking with the Children's Fund and Monaco.
Check out this Turkish video. Click here for the video
These are people who take over such unusual homepages and play videos.
It is natural to feel the danger of the people concerned. Therefore, it is not possible to bother the people concerned, so I gave up the support for the children's fund here. Unfortunately, the homepage at this time was deleted before it was left in the video, so unfortunately it does not remain, but the homepage of the owner's company and related facilities is replaced with a homepage with abnormal content. The experience was not once or twice.
Among them, while the Turkish flag, Turkish soldiers, and Turkish nation are flowing, clearly, [I will cut your neck and let blood bleed. ] For the homepage where the voice of the content is heard, we take a video and put it on Youtube.
It also slanders the Children's Fund of the Kingdom of Monaco. I think that the act is something that one individual person cannot do.
I thought that there was no mistake in saying that it was an English homepage of slander, harassing faxes and email attacks, and that it was an act of multiple professional human beings.
It was a crime in Monaco, and I couldn't think of any Japanese individual bloggers committing it.
Behind the scenes, the remnants of the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, Stem Cell Science, and Alblast were still visible, but at this time, I still didn't know who they were. This Kobe-based blogger moved from the Yahoo blog to other blogs such as the Ameba blog, and continued from January 2008 to December 2013, but for some reason, the STAP cell problem emerged. After that, it has stopped perfectly.
I would like everyone to think about why, but for details such as the income and expenditure report on the children's fund,
Check out the Children's Fund
Normally, I don't publish any photos with my friends, but the content of the slander says, "James Ryan is lying because he knows a stranger. Because there was a possibility that the credibility of what I was saying was doubted by the mythical content of the Monaco dance party, so I released the photo this time. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

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