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​An email stating that the listing was blocked

The owner is an American advanced who was preparing for a treatise forgery fraud caused by a conspiracy between the former management of Stem Cell Science, YN, an employee of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation in Kobe, and the regenerative medicine team of RIKEN.・ Because I couldn't do M & A with Cell Technology, I was looking for M & A with other listed companies.


As a result, an application for registration was required to initiate an M & A negotiation with a listed company in England.

However, KN, who was the former representative director, refused to hand over the representative seal, so the registration could not be changed.

Therefore, we have decided to change the representative seal with the signatures and seals of all directors.

I received all the signatures and seals from other directors, but why? Only F refused the signature stamp required to change the representative seal.

Therefore, in the end, it became impossible to change the representative seal due to the prevention of F, and M & A (reverse merger listing), which was the last chance, could not be done.


At this time, never sign and seal with the owner who wants to do M & A (reverse merger listing) somehow. F's conversation, which insists, has been recorded.

Later, an email from Furusawa who regretted having stopped M & A (reverse merger listing) at that time

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