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RIKEN and National Defense Medical College Hospital

Slandering of the alliance with Nihon University Hospital

We have been slandered online since January 2008. It was the Douglas Sipp National Defense Medical College Hospital of RIKEN that was slanderous. It was known that it was a group of Hiroshi Saito of Nihon University Hospital. We can still put up with it, but they even targeted children in the Dominican Republic who suffered from innocent incurable diseases.


An unprecedented slander against the children's fund, which is unprecedented in the world. And 11 children with heart disease who died.

By accusing me of these regenerative medicine truths, they will surely start more slanderous defamation about my husband, James Ryan.


However, I would like them to notice it soon.


I would like to ask all the truths to those who have gone to the police and courts and acted to trap their master (James Ryan) this time.


Therefore, these truths are now translated into English and Spanish and distributed worldwide. Books in other languages have also been translated for distribution.


At the same time, some of the recorded tapes that are evidence are distributed on Youtube.


If you listen to those tapes and read my book, who on earth ...

Did you have these slanderous injuries? I hope you understand that.

Nothing is as sneaky as anonymity or pseudonym.


Normally, there is no smoke where there is no fire. And so on.


However, they do the act of making fire even in places where there is no fire at all.


Those who are told will have to correct it once and for all, but there is no more wasted time than spending time on such stupid things. Rather, it is not possible to use the stupid time that must be corrected one by one for the contents of low-level human beings who make a living by making such forged slander.


In fact, there are even companies in the United States that have about 100 staff members who write anonymously or pseudonyms such as bloggers and Twitter.


"Slander anything that has no evidence. 』\


They are told to use the company's information network to quickly gather information and randomly slander all of the collected information.

It seems that he has been living the slanderous defamation of someone somewhere all day long, which he has never talked to or met.


"Write what people are paying attention to, and bring down the image of the other party (other company). 』\


That being said, the worst human beings who make a living by doing slanderous defamation that can not be proved at all mechanically without meaning.

Also, for affiliates, there are those who make a living by writing forged contents and increasing the number of visitors.

The worst human being.


Why did this happen?


Slandering on the Internet has become a social problem.

Nothing is as sneaky as slanderous defamation without knowing the IP address, but it has caused many children around the world to be bullied and commit suicide.

I've heard that there are people whose livelihood is to undertake the act of even slanderous defamation of children.


However, although there are various styles of slander, the slander that I will talk about was probably the most slandering slander in the world.


Beyond the frame of slander, indirect murder or unnecessarily intentional murder? It was a terrifying content that could be said to be.


The slander that they started against me and my husband continues to this day.

These long-term slanderous injuries were carried out not only on the owner's individual and the owner's company, but also, horribly, on a fund to help children with heart disease.


It was not a normal human act with nerves.

Perhaps he was randomly told to slander his master in the dark clouds.

There is no reason they do not know what the consequences of such an act will be.


As a result, 11 children with heart disease in the Republic of Dominican Republic and Haiti have died.


The details are described in [accusation (who committed the stolen patented bankruptcy filing crime!)], But it is very important, so I will briefly talk about it. ..

Unprecedented freezing slander that is unprecedented in the world!

Eleven children with heart disease from the Children's Fund, targeted by the slander blog!

Isn't this an indirect murder (unnecessary intention of murder)?

Is human blood flowing to these anonymous people who slandered their masters?


People who do anything for money!

People who undertake anything for money!


A cybercrime stalker logger who slanders all the actions of his master who killed these 11 children.

The fact that there are Japanese people who do such cold-blooded acts without blood or tears was a really shocking fact for me. 

This blogger has begun to slander everything about his husband and his company.

  An unprecedented sneaky act of targeting children's funds for slander.


Did you want this blogger to slander everything your husband did?

Or were you told to slander everything?

I don't know, but I feel that the act of slandering the fund to help children suffering from heart disease is the worst human act that I don't know how to describe. rice field.


The children were poor and could not be treated for heart disease, or they could not be treated for heart disease because they lost their parents in the Haiti earthquake.


It was a request for relief from a friend of his husband, Dr. Traconis, who abandoned his position as a cardiac surgeon at the University of Miami and set out to rescue the children in an attempt to rescue them.


"Too many children need treatment for heart disease and too many lives die without being helped by the current fund. Can you help me somehow? 』\


The fund for Dr. Traconis was a fund that many people cooperated with, such as the late Oscar de la Renta, who was a famous American designer, also helped, but children with heart disease Children with severe heart disease were in a situation where there was nothing to do because there were too many of them.


In such a situation, we trampled on the hearts of young children who were seeking salvation for their death, and performed a completely unspoken slander, and as a result, of the 11 children with heart disease that we were aiming for. All 11 children died because they could not be rescued.

Isn't this fact corresponding to the act of "unnecessary intentional murder (indirect murder)?"


Even though I knew that if I presented the site of the Children's Fund to the Japanese people who were so peaceful and kind to everyone and the children could not receive donations, they would die.


≪This children's fund is a fraudulent fund, so don't donate. ≫

≪This chairman is a scammer, so don't donate. ≫


The fact that there are people who forge the crime of so-called fraud and write it on their blog.


A slanderous stalking act against the Children's Fund that seems unusual.


I even felt the danger of an abnormal blogger who wrote slanderous defamation that was not said to be involved in fraud by name, not only for the fund but also for the people involved.

Therefore, the application for establishment of the fund was canceled because there was a possibility that the people who gathered in good faith would be harmed.

As a result, of course, the children's donations did not collect and all 11 children died.


Isn't this the unnecessarily intentional murder?

Abnormal behavior against the children's fund

This fund was held in the event room of the Hyatt Hotel in Roppongi Hills.

Jang Hyuk, who won the Korean Actor Award that year, was selected as the Korean Goodwill Ambassador.

Immediately after the ceremony, slander against this fund began.

In addition to slander, there were also blogs that could harm the attendees of the charity event.


Everyone is at risk. It is natural to hesitate to donate to the fund that is said to be ≫.

However, if you really think about children, what kind of person is that slanderous person? Is the name anonymous or real name? I would like you to confirm the credibility of the word after considering and grasping all the facts such as.


Due to this slander, the children's donations were not collected, and instead, the fund's phone was punked for inquiries about slander.

In that sense, I think that this blogger was not an individual, but a company or organization.

Otherwise, the blog couldn't be so famous that the phone punctured.


If this call was a well-meaning donation call, the 11 children would still be smiling energetically.

Among them, Santiago, an 11-year-old boy, was rescued from the debris of Haiti by a fire department member and then raised in the fire department of the Republic of Dominican Republic.

I have no parents.

I soon realized that I had heart disease.

"Maybe it was abandoned because of heart disease. I heard that everyone thought.

The members of the fire brigade were not wealthy either, but they all worked hard to raise them in the fire department.


However, heart disease worsened and surgery was required.


Santiago was only waiting for his death because the surgery required a lot of money.


It was this children's fund that encouraged him.


Santiago cherishes the Japanese pamphlet with his own photo,

Put it on your bedside, every day

"When will you be picked up from Japan? 』\

He died while saying that.


Even now, when I remember that time, tears come out.


He was abandoned shortly after birth, suffered from heart disease, and was finally trampled on his last chance to be saved by the so-called slanderous slander of a cowardly stalker logger who didn't reveal his name, and his young life disappeared.


They do not feel guilty about the disappearance of human life.

It is unprecedented in the world.
A serious problem that doubts Japanese ethics.
Social common sense and ethics of those who target children's funds

The sneaky act of defaming a child fund by an unnamed person cannot be found anywhere in the world.


And 11 children die because of the blog. If the overseas media learns about such cases, it will be a serious problem.


There is no such worst thing as a human being. ≫ That is.


The overseas doctors who agreed with the fact that there are people in Japan who can perform such icy cold acts were shocked.


It's as if "I just feel like I want to make my husband a scammer, does that make anyone believe my husband! I even felt something like a fierce obsession.


What was the reason for this?


There is only one thing that can be considered.


If we accuse the police, the public prosecutor's office, or a third party of fraudulent treatise fabrication, we want no one to believe our story. That

Isn't it all about it?



There is a lot of other evidence that this bro is not an individual act, but I would like to talk a little more about it, especially as it is a humanitarian issue with respect to this children's fund. ..


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