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Patent takeover
Motohiro Kasahara Lawyer
The stalking behavior of Kenzo Nakajima, Yoshiko Nakajima, and others, which started after the discovery of the Stem Cell Science treatise fraud, transforms into a form involving the Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation. The Kobe Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation has set up a bankruptcy filing trial for the purpose of hijacking the patent held by Alblast USA, with Motohiro Kasahara, Zen Kitagawa, and Chimaki Furusawa as friends. At the same time, using Chimaki Furusawa, who was a director of Stem Cell Science, we will set up a forgery fraud trial against me and my husband.
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The forgery trial that Chimaki Furusawa set up was an obvious fraudulent camouflage judgment trial. The judgment text was written and modified by the clerk, and a judgment text with contents different from the original judgment was sent. Moreover, there was no stamp of the presiding judge.
Yoshiko Nakajima told Kenzo Nakajima, "You can control the police, public security, the public prosecutor's office, and the courts. I heard that he said, but I was surprised that he would take over the patent even if he made a forgery trial and a patent fraud.
After that, the paper fabrication of STAP cells became a problem, and the name of RIKEN fell to the ground that it was said that the paper fabrication was 50%, but it seems that it was such a group. Perhaps it means that you can carry out such criminal things without feeling any pain in your heart.
The final amount of the Stemcell Science paper forgery fraud was about 1.1 billion yen, and the hijacked patent of Alblast USA was unknowingly changed to the name of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, where Yoshiko Nakajima was. However, the patent was further transferred to a company established by a person who was the chairman of the company of the brother of the president of a certain company, which Kasahara is said to be a corporate lawyer.
At this point, like a jigsaw puzzle, Motohiro Kasahara and all human beings are connected.
It must have been a hijacking group.
Moreover, at the time of this fabrication trial, Yoshiko Nakajima used the Douglas Sipp, which was a public relations officer of RIKEN, to use the personal computer of RIKEN for me, my husband, and my husband's affiliated company. I research and even hack.
In other words, it was finally discovered that he had committed a paper forgery fraud worth 1.1 billion yen, and it was decided to report to the police at the board meeting, so Yoshiko Nakajima, Shin-ichi Nishikawa (RIKEN), and the late Yoshiki Sasai (RIKEN). It means that Douglas Sipp (RIKEN) and others used the computer of RIKEN to hack us and spread the scams on the net.
After that, Motohiro Kasahara and Chimaki Furusawa, Zen Kitagawa and others colluded to take over the patent, and I thought that the treatise forgery fraud also succeeded in suppressing the police and crowding, but "Evil is destroyed by evil. After all, with STAP cells, "Aim for the second loach under the willow." On the contrary, Yoshiki Sasai committed suicide after committing a treatise-fabricating scam that could have been the 4th or 5th animal. Nishikawa ends up leaving the company. Furthermore, it seems that the patented company R has been suspended around March 2016.

​Motohiro Kasahara, a patent hijacking lawyer

There is a lawyer named Motohiro Kasahara of AK Law Offices.

I've heard that he is a patent lawyer for a long time, but when I searched online, I was shocked because he wrote that he was a GungHo corporate lawyer or a lawyer specializing in patent hijacking.

Because, there is a company called Alblast USA, which is the company that my husband was involved in.

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Click here for evidence of patent fraud and forged documents by Motohiro Kasahara


Motohiro Kasahara was also taking over the patent at his owner's company.

The hijacked patent has been transferred from the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation to a company chaired by a person who was the president of GungHo's older brother, Softbank.

However, in May of last year, for some reason, this patent was returned to the Foundation for the Promotion of Advanced Medical Care.


And Motohiro Kasahara's method of hijacking a patent is to first conduct a forgery trial of Ditch Age with other, completely unrelated content, win the case in that trial, and then hijack the patent while stalking. That's right.

In fact, the technique we used was exactly the same.


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