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Reply email to email about medical error of Yoshiko Nakajima

This e-mail is an e-mail sent by Yoshiko Nakajima to Dr. G about medical errors. For some reason, I and Dr. G were wondering that the story about the treatise forgery fraud suddenly changed to the parable of medical malpractice, so Dr. G said, "This person is already crazy. I was scammed. What is the treatise fraud and medical malpractice that have nothing to do with each other? I was surprised to say, "That's true. What is it? What is a medical error? Besides, how to use this wife's words. It's horrible. Are you such a person? Besides, the time I sent this time is scary. I heard that. This email was sent at 1:06 in the middle of the night on December 26th, but at around 3:00 pm on the same day, Yoshiko Nakajima called me and said, "Don't accuse the police. I have been blackmailing.

And two days after this email, my son made a medical error at the National Defense Medical College Hospital? I stopped breathing.

From: From:  Miki [mailto:] 
  Wednesday, December 26, 2007 2:28 PM
  Email to his wife


G teacher


This is an email I intend to send to my wife.

Please tell me the part that should be corrected.




To Mr. Nakajima's wife

I received an email with the following content.


Perhaps his wife is not a party, so I think he made the decision based on what he heard from Mr. Nakajima, but there are too many parts that he does not know about, and I don't know anything about it because there are some things I have to ask, but I sent an email.

It seems that the wife who is not the party is worried about her husband and is extending various things to Mr. G, but in this sentence, you are not an existing shareholder, so find a crime The content is to pretend not to look at it, but when preparing for the initial public offering, even if it is a past case, if there is content that touches the law, it is necessary to confirm it. It is a matter of course, and if there is any content in Stemcell Science that would cause a shareholder to file a lawsuit, even considering the high request fee paid to a lawyer in USA and the time spent preparing for the initial public offering, check it and repair it. Of course, there is a need to do.


If we keep track of what is in contact with the law and keep looking at it without making it public, even the new president may be taken to the public prosecutor's office.


With that in mind, please read this email.

(In the email)

What kind of humanity can it be to attack JIG and Nakajima who got the stock for free as a result of this PJ's failure?


There is a statement that JIG got the stock for free, but for Stem Cell Science, which does not have a licensee contract fee for diabetes of 1 billion yen, "Please transfer the stock. We followed Mr. Nakajima's words, and we cannot contract a licensee for free with a technology that has been successful by introducing R & D expenses for many years.

Do you have the feeling that JIG, who got the stock for free, while knowing those circumstances?

Is this your idea? If so, when I first met him, he said, "Even if you get a stock certificate that looks like a piece of paper for free, we will be in trouble. "And had been hesitant lowered me deeply To the head, attached a hand to the table, I would like to help somehow the" stem cell science. Did you mean that everything was acting?


After that, I talked to my husband about Mr. Nakajima's thoughts. I talked about "should I do it?", But in all cases, "Stem cell science is in a terrible state, so it is better not to be involved. "They said.


However, Mr. Nakajima said, "If Stem Cell Science collapses, no one will invest in Japanese bio-venture companies, and it will be in a terrible state. I was struck by the words, and seriously using cell transplantation therapy technology to think about the treatment of patients, and decided to somehow recover Stem Cell Science.


My husband said, "You, your head, haven't you gone crazy? Why are you introducing diabetes technology to such a terrible company? 』\

I was scolded and even argued.


As you may not know, the treatment of diabetes by cell transplantation is a very large market in the world, and at the same time as our company, Harvard University started research on the development of treatment technology for diabetes by cell transplantation treatment. The Rockefeller Foundation and others will invest 10 billion yen in Douglas Melton, and Arnold Schwartznegger, the governor of California, will introduce 310 billion yen in research expenses for ES cell transplantation therapy research and development. In front of supporters such as Bill Gates, when he voted, "If now, here, for example, in the treatment of diabetes, cell transplantation is successful, in the future, the state interests of California will be several. Moisturize on a trillion yen scale. It gave the contents of speech, such as saying that ".


From these facts, WHO says << Diabetes is a non-communicable infectious disease. As I admitted, diabetes is a special and big market, and let's introduce the technology to Stem Cell Science, which is about to go bankrupt, no, it is not an exaggeration to say that it was bankrupt at that time. So it was natural for my husband and directors to be worried.

However, I kept in touch with American lawyers and brokerage firms and looked for ways in which we could benefit from the introduction of diabetes technology.

I explained it to my husband and got OK.


Under these circumstances, Stem Cell Science is a worthless company that is not worth 1 yen at that time.

Far from being worthless, it was a negative company full of debt.

However, due to the belief that it is possible to revive by introducing our technology (at the same time, the market capitalization will increase by listing by M & A with a famous listed company that the owner knows in the United States), this contract It depends on OK.


However, I was worried that if there was a legal problem than an American securities lawyer, << for whatever reason, going public

I want you to think that it is impossible. ≫ It was said, so when I was pointed out about this hMADS, I was so shocked that my heart might stop. 


For whatever reason, this is Mr. Nakajima's mistake, and whether or not it was planned, we need to send shareholders a correction to this presentation. Is a matter of course, and the mistake must be admitted as an error, as was the case with the phone call (Mr. Nakajima) the day before yesterday.


Isn't it not a reason to say that you can touch the law because you have paid money and your family is having a hard time?


"It was Nakajima himself who suffered the most damage. ], So it does not mean that you can do something that touches the law.

A company has a social responsibility, and Mr. Nakajima has a responsibility to not touch the law as a representative director and as a human being, and Mr. Nakajima also has a professorship such as a contract. Isn't it? It was an unthinkable story for me to do such a thing, and I was confident that I wouldn't do anything wrong because I was such a person.


In any case, as we recognize that there is a possibility of coming into contact with such a law, I think that the act of asking a question is a natural first step.

His wife says that this problem is a past problem, but in August of this year, he had a presentation with a sentence that seems to be planning to conduct clinical practice in the United States in 2009. I travel to venture companies and the University of Tokyo, and the problems of the past are hard to say.

If this issue is a past issue, it may be ignored if it is irrelevant, and a shareholder who changed his mind when the initial public offering is approaching may file a complaint or a lawsuit, which is not a past issue. ..

Also, if such a serious problem occurs, isn't it natural to hold a board meeting regardless of Christmas or New Year?

We asked three Audit & Supervisory Board Members and Mr. Nakajima, who are aware of the situation at that time, to attend, but it is scary to neglect this issue and we cannot enjoy Christmas.

Mr. Nakahara said that he knew in March of last year that he was not working on hMADS, but Mr. Nakajima said something different.

Mr. Nakahara said that he had made a complaint to Nice University, and that he had not made a complaint, and the story changed over and over again, and he was in a state of suspicious behavior.

Did you audit while grasping everything? It made me think.

Also, in the text,

"If JIG and Professor Gojo, who have neither the right nor the qualification, continue to do this kind of thing to Mr. Nakajima and Mr. Nakahara, I will not complain that they are being blackmailed by the police, so please keep that in mind. Please. 』\

However, JIG, the current shareholder, and Professor Gojo, the current representative director, have rights and qualifications.

Also, the fact that your wife is sending such a text makes you feel that she has grasped all the contents, but how about it? I feel uncomfortable with the wife who does not have the right to send such sentences.


Also, in the text, the teacher did his best, but unfortunately there was a patient who could not be saved, and the teacher was disappointed above all, and I am sorry that the bereaved family did not have any strength. I apologized, but there was something that I had nothing to do with at that time, such as an heir.
"Apologize for your fault! I have no remorse! How would you feel if you were terrified over and over again? Furthermore, I should have made such a judgment and treatment, but I made the wrong choice, so I will sue for medical malpractice! What would a teacher feel like if you were terrified?

That's what the teachers are doing to Nakajima and Nakahara-san.

However, the meaning is completely different. (It doesn't make sense.)


I think you are either panicking or you haven't heard from Mr. Nakajima about the circumstances, but medical care and the perjury when requesting investment at a corporation are completely different. Thing.

What am I doing wrong? I want to tilt my head.

Doctors who provide general medical care do not commit fraud or do anything that touches the law.


Mr. Nakajima's actions are completely different from medical treatment in the sense that investment money is involved.


However, when I knew it was impossible and linked it to medical treatment, for example, there was an incident in Sendai where a working doctor killed many people at once by using an anesthetic, but after that, that was the cause. Even after the director changed, I couldn't support it and went bankrupt.


From a medical point of view, it is conceivable that such contents will cause bankruptcy in the future due to past circumstances.


The wife said, "Don't ask the criminal anymore!" I'm blackmailing.

Do you understand?


In addition, the words in his wife's e-mail, "Surround and threaten, threaten Nakajima and make him exhausted, so he threatens and threatens to steal money. I apologize for your fault! I have no remorse! I was afraid of his wife's words when many words that ordinary people wouldn't use came out, such as "If you're terrified over and over again."

To be honest, I don't feel any anger to Mr. Nakajima.

As I called Peter earlier, it's okay to write the facts to shareholders, so if you correct them and make a mistake in the misleading text, that's fine, but for some reason, the story is big. I just talked to Mr. Nakajima on the phone for a few minutes, and when the facts became uncertain, I couldn't get in touch with Mr. Nakajima, and my wife didn't understand this (medical treatment). I am surprised to hear the text (about mistakes).

(I learned later that Yoshiko Nakajima is a person who changes all the content of the story to her own taste. Threatening ・ Threatening Nakajima, exhausting it, so blackmailing, blackmailing to steal money ・ Intimidating, threatening, making money ・ Apologize for your fault! I was shocked by the personality and nerves that I would like to say, "If you're terrified over and over again." Please check the recording tape of the board meeting. If you have any, please email me. Of course, everyone was at the board meeting to pursue the thesis forgery fraud with intelligent and friendly content, but in that sense, it seems a bit too friendly. It's the content. Nobody knows scary words, so please check it. And how much, Yoshiko Nakajima, the coordinator of this Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation, changed the words and changed the product. Please confirm whether you are a person who is good at recreating the contents and forging and forging, and at the same time, where did the employees of the Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation study such horrific words of intimidation?
























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