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Threatening email from Yoshiko Nakajima

This email is the one sent by Yoshiko Nakajima on the same day of December 26, when a threatening call was received.

In this, clearly, "I don't think it's wise to call the police, as I said earlier.

At this rate, I 'm worried about my son. I'm not impressed with turning Kobe into an enemy. ], Threatening.

Two days later, on December 28, when he was scheduled to call the police, his son was covered with a plastic bag on his head and stopped breathing ⇒ cardiac arrest ⇒ resuscitation ⇒ plant human condition ⇒ about 20 hours Leaving treatment ⇒ Brain stem damage ⇒ Ventilator wearing

Yoshiko Nakajima said in a phone call before this e-mail, "Doctors at national hospitals such as National Defense Medical College Hospital cannot go against Kobe (Advanced Medical Promotion Foundation). I was also saying.

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