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A video in which the homepage of the owner's company was hacked and the death threat of a Turkish soldier arrived.

This video has been posted on the homepage of an American company, one of the owner's companies, since January 2008, just days after discovering a red string mark on his son's neck on December 28, 2007. , It is an image when a threatening video was played after being hijacked by hacking.

The homepage is a video that I had as a video as evidence when the police told me that all the changes had been made to this content.

At this time, the husband consulted with the American police, but the detective said, "This is a threatening act against my son, and he puts a plastic bag on his head. It is a threatening image for the act. "They said. In the United States, it is also said to be an attempted murder / death threat. An American detective asked, "Why is there this video? Will the Japanese police not work? It's strange? I was told.

Below is the content of this video.

1. "I'll cut your throat. The word flows.

2. A military man in Turkish military uniform

3. Music that seems to be the national anthem of Turkey plays

4. Red map of Turkey

5. Turkish flag

This homepage wasn't the only hack like this. The homepages of various companies of my husband were hacked and changed to this type of video from January 2008 to 2016.

I had some twists and turns because of this video, such as the planned listing being ruined.

In the United States, these videos disappeared as soon as I made an investigation request as a death threat, but I think that the total damage suffered by my husband is about 10 billion yen. However, the most affected was his son, who was horrified and refused relief by the police.

On December 28, 2007, the son left a red string mark on his throat and stopped breathing, similar to the death threat.

Tenmanki Furusawa (Ouz Memet), a director of Stem Cell Science, is a Turkish person, and as Nakajima et al. Later told him, he was the one who forged and tried our crimes.

In fact, this video shows that Furusawa was also involved in the choking case of his son.

​ Still, the police don't move.

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