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​Evidence Motohiro Kasahara's patent fraud

​Evidence of identity fraud / fabrication of forged documents

The attached document on the right describes the fact that Motohiro Kasahara and Zen Kitagawa, who are lawyers of Zen Kitagawa and Shigeru Kinoshita, submitted to a German patent lawyer to take over the patent on August 29, 2011. It will be a documentary evidence of the forged document.
Motohiro Kasahara is also a lawyer for Chimaki Furusawa (Turkish name Ous Memet), who was a director of Stem Cell Science, who filed a lawsuit against me and my husband in a forgery fraud trial at the same time. He is also a lawyer who filed for bankruptcy.
That is, all trials were forgery trials designed to hijack patents. It means that. Everything was a [patent fraud gang]. It means that.
And if you search for Motohiro Kasahara on the net, you will find many bad rumors.
I can't judge whether it is true or not, so I won't describe it here, but I used a method called patent hijacking, which is very similar to the content of the patent hijacked by Alblast USA this time. Or, when hijacking a patent, [make the judge slander online and make the judge disbelieve the words of a good patent holder. ] Was also a common practice for them, so I was surprised.
As far as I know, the method of taking over the patent of Motohiro Kasahara is as follows, as you can see from the document on the right.
1. Make the target holding the target patent slander on the net.
2. The Japan Patent Office, etc., said, "I am a corporate lawyer for a patent-holding company. 』And change the name with an identification visa. In this document, Zen Kitagawa is the CEO of Alblast. Is written. However, Zen Kitagawa is no longer the president at this point. I was on leave with a medical certificate. Who is the lawyer who has requested a leave of absence because he is in a state of dementia along with the medical certificate and cannot do any work? It was Motohiro Kasahara.
3. Inoue is not a director or a representative, but Mr. Inoue is lying in this document. Is written. It is as if Mr. Inoue is calling himself a director even though the general meeting of shareholders has not been approved by the board of directors. However, at this point, Mr. Inoue is undoubtedly the representative director and manager approved at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors. Of course, Kasahara is familiar with that fact.As proof of this, you can see the fact that Kasahara himself clearly states "Director Inoue" in the address of the email sent from Kasahara to Mr. Inoue.
4. No contract has been concluded in this document that the patent has been assigned. Although the content is written, this is also a complete fabrication. Alblast and Alblast USA have entered into a business transfer agreement.
For whatever reason, it is a crime to submit a forged document. Is it okay for a lawyer to openly send such a forged document? I applied for disciplinary dismissal from the bar association, but it was rejected for various reasons. However, the above evidence is available. Moreover, based on the above evidence, Motohiro Kasahara is highly likely to be an accomplice to patent law and patent fraud from the FBI in the United States. It is judged that. I want you to file a complaint at any time. It is said that. We are currently looking for signatures for victims.
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