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Evidence of refusing to take over the representative seal
The email on the right is an email I wrote to the new president in February 2008.
On December 13, 2007, Kenzo Nakajima refused to take over the representative seal as soon as he lightly pursued the fact of the treatise forgery fraud with Kenzo Nakajima.
Therefore, we were in a really troubled state.
I went to the head office of JAFCO, an investment company affiliated with Nomura Securities and a major shareholder of Stem Cell Science, and requested the managing director to return the representative seal. I said to the explanation.
We couldn't do the following because we didn't have a representative seal.
1. Change of stock list.
2. Change of representative director.
3. Change of directors.
4. Change of Audit & Supervisory Board Members.
5. Change of head office location.
6. Creation of contracts such as M & A.
7. Payment of rent.
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